Poe / Rey (6-0 in two tournaments) - w/report

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dough54321 133

This deck is playing real nice for me. I wanted to play Poe / Maz, but I'm real skittish with her low health and I've been proven right (that is, in my meta).

This deck has gone 6-0 after two weeks. I can't remember how last week went, but I'm going to provide a tournament report for tonight's tournament.

Round One: FN-2199 / IG-88 (went 2-1 overall) Took out FN-2100 quickly. Player had real bad dice rolls. Felt bad for him. Not much to say.

Round Two: Chewbacca / Baze (went 1-2 overall) Here's how the my first turn went:

1) Played Force Speed on Rey (gain an action).

2) Played Hit and Run on Poe (activate Poe, gain Ambush).

3) Played Vibroknife on Rey (gain Ambush and an action).

4) Activate Rey, rolled the on Force Speed.

5) Cash in the Force Speed's adding two additional actions.

6) Throw a bunch of damage the opponents way. (Can't remember much else.)

I was amazed at being able to take 7 actions before my opponent made one. Suffice it to say, I took out Chewbacca - Loyal Friend quickly.

On turn three I had 4 damage on Baze Malbus - Crack Shot. I had 2 Planetary Uprising's on the table and a Handcrafted Light Bow along with a Deflect. Baze had a 1 die out. I Deflected it on him. He's at 5 damage. Then I claim Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II, activated Poe's , doing 3 damage with the Handcrafted Light Bow's , and then 4 damage using the two Planetary Uprising, finishing him off. It was a sweet win.

Round Three: ePalpatine (went 2-1 overall) This was a fun matchup. The ePalpatine deck showed well last week, going 2-1, and was 2-0 going into this round with me. I drew the 2 Deflects early and used them to make Palpatine - Galactic Emperor smack himself. I also used Defensive Position to remove his dice, too, after rolling. He takes out Rey by turn 3. I took him out on turn 5, I think.

I am very impressed with how many actions you can take during the first turn if you have the right cards. And, for the most part, I always did. I was almost always able to take 4-5 actions on turn 1.

Hit and Run, Holdout Blaster, Vibroknife, Force Speed, and something for Poe's ability. - These are the cards you need to have in your opening hand


Kilvin 1

Between Hit and Run, Holdouts, and Vibroknives, is Force Speed really necessary? I feel like you could cut it out for another Mind Probe and see little loss in functionality and maybe a bit more in consistency of drawing things to throw at the opponent.

dough54321 133

@Kilvin - I thought so, too, and didn't run it in last week's tournament. But, I decided to put Force Speed in this week and that turn one and turn two play, along with Hit and Run, and hitting the was amazing!

Kilvin 1

@dough54321I feel ya. 7 actions sounds like a lot, but did you actually use all 7 actions? At most, you have 2 rerolls left due to the cards in hand. It just seems like a huge amount of diminishing returns. Anyways, it's something to think about.

dough54321 133

@Kilvin - Yes, I did. After getting the cards out I needed, I did some damage and resolved Poe's ability. It was hilarious taking a seven actions and then my opponent played Fast Hands on one of her characters and that was it!


This looks very interesting to me. I would like to see a couple of blue upgrades added. Caution is just OK here. Force Misdirection might be good. I like cards like guard and destiny as well. Trust your Instincts and/or Journals on Ben Kenobi for draw power into U-wing or OWTF. And yes 7 actions is overkill. But you won't always get all of them it will probably less or much less. It is nice to know that 3 actions is almost a certainty first turn. Light saber is useless in this build. That feels good to say.