PoeMaz Method - 3x Tourney Winner

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Bigulf 382

I am 14-1 in 4 tourneys so far, with my only loss being to Hyperspace Jump lock deck that no longer exists after May 8th.

The deck plays pretty simple, roll out Poe Dameron then roll out Maz Kanata. Use Maz's ability to resolve 2 dice. If you rolled a natural special on Poe you can resolve it or if you rolled a focus on Maz (55% chance) you can turn one of Poe's dice to a special and resolve.. If they go after Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen first, just get Maz's Goggles on Poe along with Fast Hands for super strong end game.

The deck is fast and claims a vast majority of the time. New Orders is there, and when you don't have your BF it allows for 2 dice removes that turn. Most other cards are obvious, any question feel free to post and I will give my reasoning why I added or didn't add a certain card.

Having 8 cards to use for Poe's ability is plenty, and Salvage is there to dig as well as recur Thermal Grenade.

This list isnt the all in just try to race your opponent version, and it us way more streamlined then most versions I have seen. With Frozen Waste and plenty of shields and removel, this deck can go toe to toe if needed, while still having plenty of firepower.


Sectick 1

What have you been doing when other fast aggro decks go after Poe first? Maybe its just bad luck but two games against Vader/FN had poe dead by middle of turn two after overwriting/burning hard.

Poe did some work with a initial Falcon and Thermal turn one but without second chance on Maz she went down before I could push through enough damage with uprising.

Tierdal 38

why no bowcaster or rocket launcher? i do love yoir mix of events.

Bigulf 382

@Sectick When going up against someone that targets Poe first, it is imperative to get 2 pistols on Maz or a pistol and a Uwing/Falcon in play. Also, when just Maz left you are insanely fast, so Planetary Uprising is great. Maz can still push out solid damage and with Dug in, Defensive Position and Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base you still have staying power. @Tierdal With the playtesting I have done, more this us to throw with Poe is overkill and with them having a pay side I find the not as optimal with wanting $ for defensive events or paying for Poe's 3 damage side.