eVader / Raider - No Holocron, just Laser Swords

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Rhavas 9

In this version of the deck, the focus is on speed and melee damage. As the deck has evolved, I believe Sith Holocron has becomes undesirable as the number of Force powers being used has dropped significantly. As that is the case, the goal is to create reliable damage through the use of weapons, Fast Hands and events like Bait and Switch, Force Strike and Lightsaber Throw.

The question now is whether the Tusken Raider is still the best pairing. I believe it is for the access to Fast Hands and the yellow control events. What I have not yet determined is if the Battlefield is appropriate. I believe Maz's Castle gives you the ability to cycle through your deck digging for the piece you need to finish the job.

I considered Force Choke, but I don't think turning dice to blanks is good enough currently, unless you are getting the most out of it (i.e. through Power of the Dark Side or Feel Your Anger). As that is the case, I left it out.

I believe a second Force Speed would be appropriate, but I do not own one at this time.

I am currently debating Lightsaber vs. Lightsaber Pike. I believe that with the removal of Holocron, the Raider will become less of a target, so being able to deploy a redeployable lightsaber on Vader makes the most sense.


Enfantterrible 171

@Rhavas, if you are dropping the holocrons altogether, which I understand, then you should drop the Makashi Training in favor of Lure of Power. That will allow you to play them on the Raider even if Vader gets targeted down fast - as it is now, you have no way of playing upgrades on the Raider!

Rhavas 9

@Enfantterrible I can see the draw of switching to Lure of Power and will have to consider it. For now, I think the benefits of Makashi Training outweigh the risk of drawing one when Vader is dead. The first one always goes on the Raider.

Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it!

MarcellvsMagnvs 1

@Rhavas what about It Binds All Things I've consider a great change after taking out the holocron

Rhavas 9

@MarcellvsMagnvsI've considered It Binds All Things but I feel like it's one of those cards that's only great if you draw it in you opening hand, and avoiding cards like that are something I'm trying to do in Destiny. While the mulligan rules are very forgiving in Destiny, that still doesn't make me want to include a copy or two. I'm also not sure what I would remove to include it (or them).