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phaustus 1650

My current version of an aggressive deck using Jango Fett

EDIT: I've made a very small change to the deck but, instead of publishing the same list with a 2-card difference, I will just mention it here (I also don't really like the way versioning is handled on the website since it splits the comments section and I feel like there was a lot of constructive discussion so it would be a shame if people didn't see those comments).

Also, the description is handled separately as well and I'd rather not copy-paste the wall of text that's below or write a different description, only for people to not realize there is a more elaborate explanation on the first version page.

After playing the deck some more, I've decided to remove 2x IQA-11 Blaster Rifle and replace them with 2x Disarm, which I feel is better in the mirror match as well as against Sith Holocron control decks (if you manage to off one of their lightsabers, it's even better, but I know it's unlikely to happen).


The deck is definitely tournament-worthy (I've tested it against Vader Raider and eRey/2xPadawan as well as eFinn/Poe and Padmill) and it has fared favorably in all cases.
In fact, I'm genuinely wondering if there is another deck that has a favourable match-up against it (while still being competitive against the other meta builds).

The reason to use General Veers over 2x First Order Stormtrooper is that it requires one less activation and his dice don't cost .
You are essentially trading HP for efficiency (it's usually easier to resolve a +2 than it is a 2 for 1, due to the fact you will often need to spend everything on upgrades first).

It might feel weird to use General Veers and not have a single support, but I found that not only were they too expensive on average, but it also costs a lot of actions to use them with his power and the benefits are often marginal (like an extra 1 after spending 3 actions). Currently, I feel like it's a trap and will actually result in a worse deck than using him straight up for his good sides.

One nice thing about the deck is that it uses no legendaries at all. In fact, the only cards that could be somewhat expensive to trade for/acquire are Jango Fett himself, the 2x Holdout Blaster and the 2x Jetpack.

Playing the deck is fairly straightforward:

  • Your first action in every round should be spent equipping Jango Fett with an upgrade until he has at least 2.
  • You then wait for your enemy to activate one of his characters to get your free activation, then resolve ranged damage immediately before they can deal with your dice (unless you got a really bad roll).
  • If they stall, you can activate General Veers or play some of the cheap events.
  • You can usually afford at least 1-2 rerolls; just make sure you claim if you are using your own battlefield to preserve momentum.
  • With that being said, I will usually opt for my opponent's battlefield if I win the initial roll because I don't want to have to deal with 2 extra (and I kinda want them for Jango or Veers since they're squishy and I need to stay alive to deal damage).
  • You should be able to regularly deal 4 to 7 damage per round, resulting in a character kill on turn 2 in most of your games. This sets you up nicely to seal the deal since your opponent will lose a lot of momentum and might not be able to finish one your characters anymore.

Here's a brief explanation for some of the card choices (which, granted, might seem a bit off in some cases):

  • The choice of Frozen Wastes as a Battlefield might seem odd, but I found that most aggro decks will lose steam and will have trouble closing the game if they take too much return damage. Having a free activation and only 2 characters (with very little variation in your dice symbols) makes it easy to claim every round. Removing a character die is a life-saver against Vader and other big threats (I'd much rather remove a 3 than deal one damage to a character of my opponent's choice, for example, if I were using Separatist Base, which seems to be a popular choice for aggro decks right now and which I mostly disagree with)
  • Most of the upgrades should be pretty self-explanatory; you want as much as possible - everything else is secondary and will usually just make you waste actions and rerolls (this is why I don't use Cunning)
  • Infantry Grenades is a bit iffy, but there currently aren't enough guns to make sure you will reliably draw two in the first 2 turns and it is useful against teams of 3+ characters, which can give aggro decks trouble by having a lot more HP to go through
  • On the Hunt, while not having great faces, is cheap and has a pretty decent which is useful when you didn't start, or against Light Side in general. It also provides you with a bit of control when you have extra (this ties in nicely with the Battlefield choice)
  • I play a single copy of Armed to the Teeth as a finisher, again to help seal the deal before it's too late. I'm actually even considering a second copy, since you sometimes wish you had that free extra 3 damage to end
  • Dug in has proven extremely clutch against other aggressive decks or when the game draws out, you basically have 6 extra HP in the deck for just 2
  • Electroshock is, again, meant to provide a bit of control/mitigation when your opponent is fighting back too hard and you just can't get enough damage in
  • In a deck where you often don't wanna waste too many actions and cards on rerolling, He Doesn't Like You is an excellent use to those blanks and that costs when you're broke (which is bound to happen since you will spend you first 2-3 turns just using your 2 on upgrades)
  • Logistics is there because you will very often be -starved and sometimes, I'd rather jusdt get more than try to reroll (so I can deploy more the next round)
  • Probe is there mostly because it's free and, againt control decks, it's a nice play the turn before you claim or resolve a lot of to get those dice manipulation cards out of their hands
  • Tactical Mastery isn't often necessary but, against other aggro decks, can give you that edge to make sure you win the claim race and it can make clutch plays when it's down to 1 character on each side
  • Unpredictable isn't that great but, again, it's free and sometimes, all you need is one little reroll. I would say it is still the card I end up throwing away most often for a "regular" reroll

Some of you might have noted the absence of Go for the Kill. The reason is that with the dice in this build, it will only be useful if an opposing character is within 2HP of dying and has at least 1 or more . Even then, this can create further issues because you have to use up an extra action and a card (which could've been used for rerolling) and then you are left with one less die with base to resolve your modifiers. I've found that, more often than not, it was better to just power through by dealing 1-2 more points of damage.

A possible replacement/inclusion that I'm considering is The Best Defense.... I feel like it could be great to ensure Jango's survival and, against decks with "big" dice (like Vader, Luke, Han or Grievous) it'll always be a positive trade for you. The big downside is that this could get your Veers killed off very quickly if you're not careful, and it's not that useful against decks with "smaller" dice (for the 3 damage to be worth it, you'd need to be removing at least a 3 damage as the second die; otherwise you'd be better off just using He Doesn't Like You or Electroshock). Another disadvantage to removing a lot of dice from your opponent in the same round is that you're essentially helping them claim before you, which can hurt in some cases. I'll test it out and see


prozz 1

people dont play dodge. they will start playing dodge.

logspga 25

This deck is awesome b/c of it needing no legendary cards, but what do you think of just adding one. Thermal Detonator in for Infantry Grenades. Also, what are your thoughts on Infamous?

phaustus 1650

@prozz I feel like it might be a necessity. But despite that, with Jango, sometimes you can't even play it fast enough. The eRey/2xPadawan deck I played in our latest tournament ran 2 Dodges maindeck and he told me sometimes he didn't even get to use it before I blew up one of his characters

@logspga Thermal Detonator, while having the potential for a lot of "AoE" damage, has otherwise terrible sides for this deck, and is pretty expensive to boot (can't get it out on turn 1, which is the main reason Infantry Grenades is still in this deck). I'm not sold on Infamous, since it costs you an action and a to later maybe some actions back, and only 10 cards in the deck could key off of it (of which I would argue only Backup Muscle and the 4 upgrades would really benefit).
I prefer using Tactical Mastery since it is more flexible (and the cost is the same), for those very few times I really wish I had an extra action.

phaustus 1650

If anyone is interested in getting a breakdown of match-ups I can add it to the description (although it's already pretty wordy). Just let me know in the comments section :)

SpiffyMik1988 14

@phaustus I love armed to the teeth! I also run 1 but If a deck really wants to 2 is viable if people decide to make hand discard more of a strategy. I do double Jabba Jango and Fight Dirty works well in situations where I need some kind of output from Jabba to finish someone who has 4 or more health. Logistics Probe and Unpredictable from looking at the list are the only things I would personally change just judging from my own playstyle.

Looks like a solid build.

dalinair 1

Why veers and not greivous? not saying you are wrong just wondering. Just because it gives the options of having elite jango and because he has ranged instead of melee?

phaustus 1650

@dalinair It would basically be a completely different deck. Grievous, like you said, uses melee, which takes up more actions to resolve and also cannot combine with modifier dice for . Also, his 3 costs 1 , which this deck can rarely afford. And using eGrievous would mean using single die Jango Fett, which would mean even less dice to combine with modifiers and less of an impact when you activate him after your opponent to resolve his dice without a response.
General Veers might not output as much damage as General Grievous, but he does so for cheaper and can easily combine his dice with Jango's or with other modifier dice.
Overall, the impact is significative and, I feel, makes Veers the better choice.

shoeshine 14

I like this a lot. What changes would you recommend for someone with only one holdout and one jetpack? I'm thinking another grenade and a black market.

phaustus 1650

@shoeshine Infantry Grenades can definitely sub in for Jetpack if you're missing a copy. I used to have 2 in the deck before getting a second On the Hunt (and am still debating which one I should be running one of, and which I should have 2 copies of).
They are (again, still talking about the grenades) especially useful if triple characters "meat shields" decks are prevalent in your area (Sister Sledge, Phasma+Anything, Padmill with 2x Rebel Trooper, eRey + 2x Padawan, etc.).

Black Market, however, might be a little slow. It does provide for a different approach but, if you find your opponents can often claim before you do, or if it proves too expensive (at 3 it's a bit costly for what little damage it can output), I would look into Cunning, Flame Thrower (not my favourite but at least there are no modifier faces on the dice and you can still resolve with Jango's sometimes, and it deals good damage) or even just cheap events like Go for the Kill

DarkLordWhite 29

Any recomendations on what to sub for 1 On The Hunt, 1 Dug In, and both Electroshock?

phaustus 1650

@DarkLordWhite You could easily sub in Infantry Grenades for On the Hunt (especially if triple character decks are more prevalent in your meta, or if decks with "big dice" and/or shields aren't as common).

For Dug in and Electroshock, I think the closest replacements would have to be Closing the Net and The Best Defense... (with the former being harder to use, however, while the latter is stronger as a dice manipulation event, but is the complete opposite of Dug in for survivability).
Disarm might also work (as long as they're packing nothing bigger than pistols and blasters; rifles and lightsabers are outside the range of your dice, unfortunately). It's also particularly effective against Sith Holocron.

You could even try Block or Dodge (but it's kinda hard since you can't tell if you're gonna be up against or and decks rarely mix both in quantities large enough that it would keep both cards relevant).

If, instead, you'd rather go for something even more aggressive, Leadership might also work, but I feel like trading 2 of Veers' dice for another possible Jango activation isn't that great (unless you stacked 3 upgrades on Jango and Veers has nothing on him).

You kinda need to figure out whether you want to be more aggressive, or keep some control to prevent return damage. Check how often one of your characters dies (and how fast you can kill your opponent's first character), and adjust accordingly :)

Takenokojon 1

@phaustus I had learned how to play this game on Dec 22. Played one game. My friend told me a tournament would be on Friday the 23 at 138 Comics and Games in Lemon Grove(San Diego, CA). This deck operated perfectly. I was the only undefeated player after 4 rounds of play. In the 5th round, I lost to a mirror deck(he was running only about 9 or 10 weapons) but it was enough to take 1st place (Box of Boosters, Kylo promo, and tokens). Thanks for posting such a great deck!

Takenokojon 1

Mirror match with this deck typically comes down to who is lucky... In my mirror match, my Jango was gunned down turn 3(7 or 8 damage KO). By this time I had only managed to do 6 damage to his Veers(lots of bad rolls). Even with Dug In, I wasn't able to knock out his Veers to make it a one on one fight.

mikebiewer 1

Built and played this deck's SO fast. Smacked a decent Luke/Ackbar deck outta the water. Though they never had a chance to get an effective All In combo or a Leadership reactivation off. Had they, it might have been defferent. Jango was close to dead.

Foz 1024

At Card Game DB I've been brewing a deck the last couple weeks that I call "Guns. Lots of Guns." The current version is nearly identical to this. I came to almost all the same conclusions you've mentioned here for many of the same reasons. Frozen Wastes is definitely the right battlefield; the deck is so fast it provides free dice control basically always, which is huge. Our builds now differ by 3 cards. I have -1 Infantry Grenades, -2 Tactical Mastery. Infantry Grenades is suspect as you have already pointed out here. Tactical Mastery seems usually bad; paying 1 to go faster doesn't usually do much in my experience. Instead I have +1 Disarm which often works as die removal with the added benefit of the removed die being gone forever... and +2 The Best Defense... which honestly I believe might be the single best event in the set. It doesn't look like it at first blush; you say "but I have to take 3 damage." But it removes two dice and you choose them. In my games it often takes out huge damage rolls by taking out all the black sides and leaving modified sides hanging. It also puts damage on General Veers who is almost never targeted first, so you're effectively getting to push damage to him that might otherwise threaten or kill Jango Fett. I didn't have it in my original build either, but I highly recommend trying it; in my games it has been the best dice removal by far.

Onibaku06 1

How does the deck favor in regards to resources? Do you find yourself with the resources to put your stuff into play?

Takenokojon 1

@Onibaku06 - The highest cost card in this deck is IQA-11 Blaster Rifle. Most turns you will have enough to put out 1 to 2 cards.

Onibaku06 1

I like it. I only have 1x Electroshock right now. Any recommendations for that other slot?

mitchbones 7

Any recommendations on what to swap out for the 2x Holdout Blasters? Too expensive for me to add to my collection atm.

phaustus 1650

@Takenokojon Wow, that is really cool. Grats on the win! :D
Were you able to run the deck as is? If not, what changes did you make?

phaustus 1650

@Foz I'm one of the first users that replied to your deck on cardgamedb, because I was happy to see someone come up with a similar deck and having success with it as well : )
I have thought about Disarm, but I'm still on the fence about it. The main issue is that it is really hard to resolve it for 3 , since you only have 4 dice with such a face (none of which are on your starting characters) and a lot of the big weapons (lightsabers, heavy blaster, sniper rifle, etc.) will need that to clear them.
Obviously, it's always crazy good against decks running Sith Holocron, but I don't know if being limited mostly to blasters and other "lesser" weapons is enough (I guess it would be pretty good in the mirror match).
I probably need to test it some more and see...

As for The Best Defense... I do plan on trying it out, I'm really curious. I'm wary that it might shift the focus onto Veers and he could get blown up pretty quickly, but it does feel like it could make some big plays (especially against characters with big dice).

Tactical Mastery has been doing ok for me, though (I would even say has been clutch in a couple games), but that's mostly against aggro decks or when my characters are badly damaged and I really need to resolve everything before my opponent. It's still probably the best replacement candidate, like you said.

phaustus 1650

@Onibaku06 I would suggest The Best Defense..., since it's also dice removal (albeit riskier, but can also pay off more).
In fact, this is most likely going to be my next modification to the deck, as already discussed with Foz : )
I'll keep you guys posted!

phaustus 1650

@mitchbones Holdout Blaster is one of the best upgrades for the deck and there isn't an upgrade that is exactly like it (especially regarding the Ambush keyword), but another Infantry Grenades could do, in a pinch (one less damage face and not that great if you're not up against a triple character deck but at least it should be very easy to acquire a second copy if you don't already have one).

You could also add some control options with Disarm and The Best Defense..., but I feel like having 9-10 upgrades that cost 2 or less is fairly critical (to make sure you can get one out on Jango on turn 1).

I could easily see getting away with 9. 8 might be cutting it a bit short (since there is the possibility of not getting one even after aggressive mulliganing and then the game will snowball in your opponent's favor since you won't put out as much damage).

Longbombed 1

@phaustus I love the speed of this deck. I'm running something almost identical, with The Best Defense... and it's worked well. Also been using Echo Base for my location to get that extra shield as I'm in a heavy aggro meta. Going to try Frozen Wastes soon.

herrerodani 100

I played this deck twice yesterday with very good results. It is super agressive and fun to play, but I felt like I had too much upgrades in my deck! both Veers and Jango were full equipped and my hand was full of upgrades. I'll make a fork of this deck changing some upgrades for support and maybe with a pair of Ace in the Hole to take profit of extra upgrades in hand.

Foz 1024

@herrerodani I don't recommend Ace in the Hole with the upgrades the deck currently uses. On the Hunt is underwhelming to use only once, leaving only Jetpack as a useful one, and you'd rather just pay 2 to have it permanently. Definitely a card to keep an eye on for future builds though.

AstroLad 368

Thanks so much; been using this deck as a great aground archetype to teach people. Any legendaries you would include if not restricted by anything or do you think the deck is best in current form?

Takenokojon 1

@phaustus Ran the deck exactly as posted. Worked like a charm. I didnt use Armed to the Teeth or Logistics in any of my matches, and I only used He Doesn't Like You exactly one time.

phaustus 1650

@AstroLad The only legendary I could see getting some use out of is Commanding Presence, but since it has no direct damage faces, it will require extra actions to set up. Also, you don't have that many red dice to use it with.

Since it costs 3 , it's also highly unlikely you will get it out on turn 1.

Lastly, the fact that it is red characters only means you will need to put it on Veers which, while interesting (because it might force your opponent to go for him instead of Jango) could mean you will lose your investment very quickly.

Overall, it wouldn't be terrible, but I still think the current upgrades are better.

phaustus 1650

@Takenokojon Armed to the Teeth won me two close games and it's free, so I've been keeping a single copy in. It really gives you extra reach to finish your opponent before they can set up. I'm even considering a second copy. Some people might view it as a "win more" card; I view it as a "win before your opponent blows you up" card :)

Logistics is not a card you will actively seek to trigger, it's more that you are often lacking a or two, and then it can come in handy. Often, it will just end up as a reroll.

He Doesn't Like You has been pretty huge for me, offering affordable control. I often had a die whose result I didn't like, but didn't exactly feel like making a reroll for just one or two dice. This is when He Doesn't Like You will come in handy (it's also why I'm still running Unpredictable; for the opposite reason, basically :P ).

Obviously, if you feel those cards didn't suit your playstyle (or if a situation where they could've been useful never came up), that's completely understandable.

It's pretty cool that you were able to pick up the game so fast and put together a tournament-winning deck :D

prozz 1

its a bad call to go for jango first. veers dice is way more aggro and he has less health, so killing veers first should be priority.

also u may outplay jango by using passive actions and pass, so he had eventually activate first, then u dodge or dice control him.

phaustus 1650

@prozz While that is entirely true, that's also why you stack the upgrades on Jango, to make the choice harder for them (and because you get more dice out of the free activation, which in turn results in bigger resolves with your opponent being unable to react) : )

Telimtor 1

Why Probe in the deck ?

Deroche 1


I'm assuming you didn't read notes above. It says: "Probe is there mostly because it's free and, against control decks, it's a nice play the turn before you claim or resolve a lot of to get those dice manipulation cards out of their hands"

phaustus 1650

@Telimtor with the current card pool, you can't fill all the slots with amazing cards. Also, since you have limited , you kinda need to fill some slots with cheap or free cards.
Probe has been pretty good for me. With the current split of upgrades/supports/events in decks, you're pretty much garanteed of getting at least one event out of their hand.
Often, it will be that key event they had been saving and it will wreck their plans.
It's a card I could easily see myself removing once more/better options become available but, for now, it's been decent enough that I'd rather keep it (Unpredictable and Tactical Mastery would probably go before Probe, in my opinion).

Cbosox12 44

Have you thought about replacing Unpredictable with All In? The reason I ask, is because I could see this card allowing you, late game, to resolve all dice imediatly and then claiming the battlefield. It guarantees Dug in if it comes up and allows you to use your dice without interference. I could see it especially effective right after rolling in Jango (I try to roll in veers before Jengos action can happen) This allows you you to finish the round off strong. Thoughts?

phaustus 1650

@Cbosox12 All In is useful in decks featuring a lot of different symbols, especially (since you can both save actions and create chains which lead to large amounts of burst damage).
Since this deck will, most of the time, only want to resolve , you rarely need extra actions for any additional dice resolution (aside from the stray which Logistics is in there for).
This means that, for the most part, I would rarely need to save even more actions to be able to claim before my opponent. and, in the rare cases where that might be an issue, Tactical Mastery is sufficient (and more versatile).
There's also the fact that All In costs 1 which might appear trivial at first, but you quickly realize that having one to spare later in your turn (after equipping Jango) is a rare occurrence.

AstroLad 368

This might be crazy, but what do you think of Aim in place of Probe? Actually lets you get some real value out of Tactical Mastery by flipping into and resolving big damage.

Foz 1024

@AstroLad Aim could be useful, but it's hard to justify paying 1 for it. A 1 event has to do a lot to be worth it in this deck because you're constantly wanting to play costly upgrades too. It also means you use an extra action that turn since it can't resolve the rest of your ranged sides. If we had non-modified 3 sides it might be good, but as it stands I don't feel it's good enough for 1 most times.

Foz 1024

@prozz I don't think it's fair to characterize Veers as "way more aggro." His avg damage is 1/6 higher per die, for a 2/6 difference w/ both of them experienced (10/6 vs 8/6). Jango's dice are also potentially less susceptible to disruption, which in my experience greatly helps him actually do damage. If you want to focus Veers first go ahead, but I personally will welcome that if we play; the 2/6 damage output difference is in no way enough to compensate for Jango's power and all the upgrades that will be on him. Any given upgrade has at least 5/6 damage avg; more than double the output difference between Jango and Veers. That basically means whoever is carrying more dice that don't redeploy is the correct target because it eliminates more damage. Given that most of us playing this deck heavily favor stacking upgrades on Jango, that means targeting him will nearly always be superior.

prozz 1

@Foz this is called adjusting :)

yea, going for the character with more non-redeployable upgrades is better play, so is saying that veers has more aggro dice (which is a fact) and targeting him is higher priority is also valid statement (assuming game just started). but then this is a game and adjusting is important. in my experience killing veers first was usually helpful due to his so much better dice and less health, but then id adjust depending on what deck im playing and what is a current boardstate, also how my opponent plays his upgrades.

later in the game tho u may troll jango's passive ability and its good to realize u may just pass or do other actions instead of activating your dudes (this however still depends on deck u play), that is another argument for killing veers first.

prozz 1

in other words im certain that if i go for jango first, my opponent will play non-redeployable upgrades on veers first which is bad due to his better dice ;)

Foz 1024

@prozz Saying Veers is higher priority is not fact, it's your opinion. Jango has a power, and it has some value. I think that power has more value than 2/6 damage per turn and will target Jango in starting game state as a result. In my games Veers commonly has numerous damage lost from his dice being controlled. Jango's power sometimes protects against that, and I feel that effect causes more than 2/6 damage per turn in games I have played.

prozz 1

i said fact is he has more aggro dice. also i think u dont read what i wrote

RagnaarHaas 1

Played this at a local tourney tonight, went 4-0. Faced Padmae/Rey, QuiGon/Rey, Leia/Finn, and Phasma/FOT/Bala. Only game that was close was the Padmae match, due to my opponent playing two Second Chances. Veers was rolling like crap so I was aggressively re-rolling; I need to learn to be more patient with Mill decks! The other three were quick. Every game I had at least one round where I was laying out 5-8 damage in a single resolution. Jango's ability+Tactical+Mastery is.....very frustrating for your opponent as they watch you roll tons of damage on both characters and resolve it all before they can do anything. Once change I made was to put in a copy of Dodge and Block for Probe. Probe is good, but at 19 health, I wanted some options to remove damage. Dodge saved me from taking damage a couple times. Mostly I didn't take much damage. Never lost a character in 4 matches; its just so fast and heavy hitting.

rmohler 591

Just played this at a tournament, but had -1 Electroshock, -1 Tactical Master, -1 Dug in, -1 On the Hunt, +2 The Best Defense..., +2 Disarm. Went 4-0 facing eRey/eHan, eJango/eVeers, eVader/Raider and eBala/Phasma/Trooper. Probe was very disruptive, that was a great card to have when waiting for your opponent to make the first activation.

The true strength of this deck is rolling and resolving dice before your opponent gets to respond. Your opponent may think they are safe from modified sides on the table, but when you can drop a tactical mastery into veers, or roll out Jango after their activation, you have the ability to turn that around very quickly.

I felt like disarm was a great card to have. It put some leftover +3 jetpack sides to good use at the end of the round. The Best Defense... was less useful, although it did provide the buffer of health I needed to survive against eHan/eRey.

In the past, I couldn't understand why people thought Veers should be the first target. However, after last night, I really see the value in taking him off the board, as it makes it much harder for Jango to stall until your opponent activates. Without his ability proc'ing, his dice are much more manageable for control decks.

phaustus 1650

@RagnaarHaas @rmohler Good to know the deck has been serving you well : )

I'm still really undecided on whether to run Disarm and The Best Defense... (and, more importantly, which cards I could afford removing for them).
That's why I've kept this deck as is, for now,, but I'm planning on playtesting some more in the coming days/weeks and will try those changes : )

Do you feel like having had an extra Dug in would've been better than The Best Defense...? (I'm asking since you mentioned using it as a health buffer)

I think I'll find room for at least one Disarm since everyone is running around with guns and lightsabers nowadays (and trashing a Sith Holocron using a 1 from Jango always feels great :P )

shoeshine 14

`@phaustus I'm personally running 2 Dodge a Disarm and a Block in my command set, ditching Armed to the Teeth and Logistics. I feel like Armed to the Teeth is incredibly expensive for a finisher, and by the point in a game another 3 damage would kill someone I'm more likely to get that in a roll than to have the card in hand. I'd rather have another mitigation card.

Cbosox12 44

I have to agree with the Armed to the Teeth statement. It costs too much for the output. Maybe there is an instance where it would be critical, but I can see much more promise in other cards such as The Best Defense.... This one card alone has saved me from taking 11 damage directly. I was able to remove all of jangos non modified dice. I have used t on numerous occasions. 3 damage is much better than 4+. Also, I like Fight Dirty as opposed to Armed to the Teeth because you can potentially do 4+ damage with one card as a finisher.

phaustus 1650

@Cbosox12 With only 4 yellow dice in the deck, plus the starting 2, I feel like Fight Dirty is unlikely to end up outputting enough damage. And since 4 of those dice are likely to roll damage, it will be a rare occurrence where you are actually gaining damage from playing Fight Dirty as opposed to just resolving whatever you rolled (and/or rerolling once).

Armed to the Teeth is meant to provide reach. You only use it if playing it will kill a character (and it either ends the game right there or you are certain you can close shortly afterward because you took out their main threat). Ideally you would first roll Jango and resolve all his dice, and only then do you play Armed to the Teeth.

I can understand people not liking it that much, it just happened to be fairly clutch in a couple of my games while testing.

Cbosox12 44

@phaustus I completely understand, and to be honest I have only used Fight Dirty as a finisher as well. Basically, if I get a bad roll out of my dice and can resolve all of them to finish a character with Fight Dirty I will. The benefit is three-fold. 1) No need to discard a card to re-roll 2) Being able to kill in one turn as opposed to two (re-roll + action on the new roll) 3) doing guaranteed damage as opposed to maybe rolling better dice to resolve quickly, rather than re-rolling the dice. This also allows you to claim the battlefield faster if the dice are scattered. But like I said, it's kind of situational. I also play two thermal detonators in my hand as well so that adds some punch as a yellow die. I'm not trying to sway you one way or the other, I just love talking about this game. Haha!

CyclonicYoh 1

Armed to the Teeth is clutch in providing enough reach. Against optimized decks, this deck is pretty close to optimal. It would be nice to have more guns as it feels like the 3 cost Blaster Rifle is too expensive a lot of the time. Just came in first (out of 16) at a local tournament against several mirrors and some control decks.

Winckle 1

Went 5-0 with this at a local event on Friday evening, thanks for the list!

mikebiewer 1

I too went 6-0 at an event this weekend. However, the deck is highly unreliable. It really is all about the dice and being absolutely sure you maximize each turn. There is no room for missing damage opportunities or ignoring their dice or what might be in their hand. I was almost milled twice, once by a mill deck, another just because of all my rerolls I needed and an 11th hour Launch Bay that rolled discard with 5 cards in hand. Luckily, my opponent wasn't paying attention to my empty draw pile...

The deck is fast and you need to get a Jetpack out the first or second turn or its gonna be a long match which is not to your favor as most midrange decks will out play this deck later in the game. You have to remove a character early.

phaustus 1650

@CyclonicYoh The next set is going to change this deck (and the meta as a whole) for sure. The blaster would probably be the first upgrade (with grenades) to get replaced, mostly because you can't get it out first turn and it's really important to get burst damage in and kill something quickly (turn 2 or 3), otherwise things spiral out of your control.

Out of curiosity, did you notice any difference in the other mirror decks? I would suspect The Best Defense... and Disarm, but I'm interested in knowing what others have come up with, using the same characters.

Glad to know the deck worked out well for you : )

phaustus 1650

@Winckle Glad I could be of any help, and grats on the win :D

CyclonicYoh 1

@phaustus I didn't notice too much. I think one of them ran an aim, but otherwise somewhat similar lists. The only games lost were to my friend who came in 2nd with eDooku eKylo control round 3 and 1 game in top 4 to Jango Trooper Trooper.

I feel like the consensus is to take out veers first, but someone on Jango veers had seen success killing jangos first in the mirror. How are your experiences?

RagnaarHaas 1

@phaustus - I did add a 2nd Dug In. I am going to play around with Best Defense and/or Disarm at my next tournament. I ran it in another tourney this weekend and went 4-0 again. I did lose Veers one out of 8 games, I have lost a character one time. I think Disarm would be good to deal with Sith Holocron or any other pesky upgrade. But for the most part, if you get good cards early and good rolls, it doesn't matter what your opponent does because their characters are dead.

I am also going to try a variant of this with 2x FO Troopers. The extra health, along with Personal Escort, Endless Ranks, and Best Defense could mean Jango stays alive longer to get kitted out and do some big hits.

Nemikan 32

Why are people targeting jango first always? As far as dice go veers has 5 dmg (suming all sides) jango has 4 and veers has 1 less hp too.

Im guessing cause you jetpack jango right away?

AstroLad 368

Veers has better dice, but Jango God Roll with even one or two upgrades is always annoying.

phaustus 1650

@mikebiewer I feel like the deck's reliance on your rolls is a little different depending on the match-up.
Against control, it's really important get a good roll out of your first reactive activation of Jango, otherwise they can manipulate your dice (or even throw them back at you).
I will often resolve as little as 2-3 to be sure it doesn't get choked, reflected, shocked, and so on.
Mulliganing aggressively for a 2-cost upgrade is very important and I'll throw back my entire hand, if necessary (because the events are somewhat replaceable or interchangeable and will rarely matter in the first turn because I'll spend all my on upgrades anyway).

If you're willing to send back every card, should you not get a "good" 1 or 2-cost upgrade in your starting hand, your chances of drawing into 1 are roughly 97.8%, which I feel is decent enough : )

mikebiewer 1

@phaustusFor sure. I always try and get the Jetpack or holdout in my starting hand. And yes, I will resolve a quick 5 dmg if I can. The power of this deck is in quick resolves. You can't setup a huge shot on turn one. Ideally, I get to go first, put Jetpack on, then put an upgrade on, I roll Veers, they roll, I roll Jango and count up the shots. Then, reroll, resolve of play some events depending on what's happening.

I generally try to have 0 resources at the end of the turn. But one tip is to always keep an eye on their disrupts and what is on the other side of those dice. I want to grab the battlefield but sometimes I'll takeep a resource knowing they will disrupt it merely so they don't get to reroll it to something worse...

Vigilante 1

@phaustus How the win-loss rate is going? Btw, why not but Flame Thrower and/or All In?

Nymz 8

@Vigilante Flame Thrower is a mele side, does not mesh well with the rest of the upgrades

phaustus 1650

@Vigilante Like Nimz said, the does not combine very well (with only Jango having a side). Also, the fact that it costs 3 means you will rarely get it out on turn 1, which is fairly critical to making the deck work.
In fact, it's the reason that some people are cutting out 1 or both of the IQA-11 Blaster Rifle.

No All In is because it requires a lot of other symbols to be on your dice to be worth it (generally a combination of damage dice and ) but, with this deck, you're just trying to get and resolve as much as possible (so only 1 symbol, really).
Tactical Mastery is usually enough for that, while also offering you the flexibility of being able to roll and then immediately resolve one character's dice.
It could also be argued that you rarely need the actions that All In saves you for claiming purposes (although it would still be useful to resolve before your opponent can manipulate your dice but, again, I feel that Jango and Tactical Mastery already do a good enough job of that).

phaustus 1650

@mikebiewer That's a really good tip. In your example, you pretty much turned your into an Electroshock, without spending a card : )
I would suggest anyone that has trouble against control to try that strategy (of course, your opponent might wisen and no longer be willing to resolve Vader's 2 on your but in that case, that means you still have your resource available to control their dice with your cards :P).

Nymz 8

@phaustus How about swapping the Infantry Grenades, -1 On the Hunt, -1 Logistics, and -1 IQA-11 Blaster Rifle for +1 Block,Disarm, Dodge, Cunning? Add's a little bit more suitability in the mirror and vs a mele matchup

phaustus 1650

@Nymz Cunning has proven to be disappointing for me (in this deck).
Not only does it add actions (meaning you're less likely to claim), but you have very few of your own worth copying.
Also, the rest of its faces don't mesh well at all with the overall strategy of the deck.

Despite them being a subpar choice for this deck, I think I would keep at least 1 each of Infantry Grenades and On the Hunt. The former because it helps deal with triple character decks (which are already a harder match-up); the latter because it gives you more control and a way to deal with shield-stacking.
I could see dropping a rifle or logistics (the latter being there mostly because it's free and, sometimes, you kinda wish you had an extra resource or two to use).
The top replacement cards for me right now would have to be Disarm and The Best Defense....
Block or Dodge could go in, but I feel those are choices that you would only put in if your local meta requires it (if the rest of your control package can't already handle it).

mrmatthew 13

I agree with @prozz, but not just in competing decks. In a lot of tournament footage I've watched, the finals game is JV vs. JV. In this mirror match, Dodge can be pretty wicked. For example: If my opponent rolls Veers, I respond with Jango, and then he responds with Jango, it looks like he's got great board position. But if he does roll a lot of ranged, I can opt to wipe his dice and get a leg up on him. Yes, it's a resource cost, but I think it could be worth it to gain momentum in the match up. Thoughts?

prozz 1

@phaustus after all this time: any updates to this deck?

swingk2121 1

This by far of all the decks I have tests is the current top deck by my account. I played in a 25 man tournament and went 3-0 (even against two decks that were cheating!).

The one issue I keep running into is three cards that I have never had to play in the 10-15 games I have played using this deck.

Armed to the Teeth - Seems like a great idea, but it has only ever come up once at the right time and then I didn't actually need it.

On the Hunt - Interesting abilities for when you face a shield deck, but I don't know if it will be as useful as it sounds.

I was wondering about instead adding in 2 Commanding Presence in place on some combination of the above cards. I feel the setting 1-2 dice to a facing of your choice or using the special to resolve a red dice adding 2 to the value would be extremely helpful.

phaustus 1650

@prozz I haven't had as much time as I'd like to do some serious testing (I don't use the deck against co-workers, because it would just be disheartening for them).
Also, since any changes to a deck results in a new version, I wanted to avoid splitting the pages and end up with a bunch of almost-identical decks (although I do think the site keeps all comments into one shared section?).

phaustus 1650

@swingk2121 On the Hunt is going to be a bit of a meta choice. It doesn't have the best faces, but it's cheap and if you do roll the it can be extremely useful (not just for removing shields but also controlling dice).

The biggest problem with Commanding Presence is that there aren't that many red dice to use it with but, more importantly, it costs more than 2 , meaning you can't get it out on turn 1.
If that wasn't enough, it also has to go on Veers (who already has a fairly big target on him since he's squishier and has better dice), meaning you don't get a 'free' activation/resolve with it, and it uses more actions since you need to first use its or , meaning your dice could be manipulated by your opponent.
All in all, I feel that while Commanding Presence is a very good card, it probably doesn't have a place in this type of deck.

okipoki123 1

How does this deck compare to the bala-tik version, and can it beat the bala-tik version with ease?

phaustus 1650

@okipoki123 I wouldn't say it beats eBala/Jango/FOTS with ease, but it can certainly beat it.
Theoretically, the Bala deck should have an edge because it has more HP and can divert some of the damage over to the FOTS but, in practice, I haven't had too much trouble blasting down whoever gets the first upgrade in about 2 turns, and it's all downhill from there for them.
If they opts to equip Bala first, it's fairly dangerous because 8HP won't last long against this deck.
If they decide to go for Jango, then they split up their dice and the efficiency of both of their abilities (I would still say it's the correct choice in this match-up; otherwise you will always win out in Jango activations).
I'd need a bit more matches to say for sure but, so far, I've won all my eBala match-ups (but I kinda feel like it should actually be roughly 55/45 in their favour, so take this with a grain of salt).

phaustus 1650

I would say that the disarms actually help a lot in this match-up (even more than in the mirror), because they're hoping to upgrade whoever is going to get targeted first with deploy so that it gets passed down and they get more resolves and efficiency out of them, but it's easy for you to get rid of either since your 2 and +2 are plentiful.
Also, eBala will struggle to win claims against you, which is a definite plus if they chose your battlefield (and it's really important to go first to ensure the first kill; otherwise Bala will walk all over you).

okipoki123 1

What would you change about the deck right now, in this bala-tik meta?

COMBanzai 13

I had to make a few small change due to not having all the cards. I have to say I love playing this deck. The control/damage is awesome and its fun to see the look of dismay on your opponents face. Thanks for this one!

Vigilante 1

This deck is so OP, with a good roll with Jango your opponent doesn't have response.

ciamoslaw 1

guys what do you think about scrumble in this deck

the BEAST 1128

Really solid build, I like this deck a lot. Now, you may not be on this site anymore but if you are, please reply to this comment. To begin, the new meta deck is now ePoe/eMaz. Have you ever used this deck against it? If so, was it a good matchup? Speaking of the speed, this deck is really fast... even against Poe/maz, I still manage to claim. For the choice of cards, have you made any changes with the SoR cards? I feel like Salvage Stand is a pretty good card to add, especially against Poe/maz, a deck often tight on resources. For the other SoR cards, I have a We Have Them Now which I feel is really good especially if you combine it with Tactical Mastery to deal a massive amount of damage. Next, I have a Sabotage to deal against these C-3PO and Planetary Uprising which are popular in these ePoe/eMaz decks. I also included a DT-29 Heavy Blaster Pistol instead of an IQA-11 Blaster Rifle since it cost 1 less and still has 3 free damage sides. Last new card, I have an Armor Plating to help keep your opponent's target alive longer. Now, I've faced some Poe/maz decks using Starship Graveyard - Jakku as their battlefield; in that case, even if I win the initial dice roll, I might go with their battlefield which also works really well with Armor Plating. Please, anyone, give me your thoughts about this SoR version of this deck and thanks to @phaustus for sharing such a great deck!

LukeCSkywalker 30

Have you tried this against a good eFinn/Poe deck, mine should be a great matchup. It is here,

Robthedestroyer 14

Awesome deck I use it a lot. It's pretty much undefeatable. I made some tweaks to it so it suits my style . But its awesome.

Bods_18 1

Awesome deck. I added 2 planetary bombardments instead of 2 on the hunts