Unkar's Salvage Control - SC Winner, GG Rockingham WA

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Bountiful Denial (Choke Support Build w/ Guide) 36 26 19 1.0
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Skit 39

The deck I ran for our local Store Championship at Good Games Rockingham, Western Australia. A modified version of Bountiful Denial from Palabrewtis. Went for more cheap control cards like Doubt and He Doesn't Like You, more control and less 2-3 cost cards in hand for an opposing Unkar to pluck out. Supply Line helps trigger Salvage Stand, build resources and late game it's Reroll any number of your dice and it's help push damage.

Most valuable cards were The Best Defense... and Endless Ranks. I was expecting a strong showing of Unkar / FN decks, so I put in "Fair" Trade to try and fight back on the resource front. Didn't face one in the end and would have preferred the second Endless Ranks.

Had a blast in every round, thanks for all for the games. Blake is an amazing Destiny player and certainly made me work for it!

Record for the day was 5-1

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