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Elite Palpatine - Galactic Emperor showed the ways of the emperor in Store Championships in Finland. To my surprise, I won with this deck :-)

As in real life, luck (or perhaps destiny) was a major factor.

1st game

Against Elite Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple and Elite Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice

Lost this one. But with more luck I might've won. I had bad luck with upgrades as I didn't really get any. No Force Illusion either.

2nd game

Bye. There were eleven players and I got a bye for the second round.

3rd game

Against Elite Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple and Elite Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice

Lost this one too. Similar, if not the same, deck as the first game. And again, with more luck, I might've won. Palpatine was dealing good damage but Vader and Kylo dealt more of it.

4th game

Against Elite Rey - Force Prodigy and Elite Han Solo - Scoundrel

Won this one. I got Force Push quite early and it was a good one. I got good dice and was dealing damage a lot. Palpatine defeated Rey and Han with 10 or so HP left.

So 2-2 after Swiss, with one bye. I packed my stuff and was ready to leave. I was thinking that "okay, Palpatine is gone". Then the tournament organiser told the results and there I was, number 4 after Swiss. But how is that possible, with 1 win, 1 bye and 2 losses? I checked the ranking and my SoS was ~0.66 and 5th player was ~0.62. That's pretty close. I guess my SoS was a little better because I lost both Swiss games to top 1 and 2 players after Swiss rounds.


Against the Top 1, the same one I lost the first game. I won the battlefield and that was a game changer. I got a bit more luck this time and in the end won with Palpatine having 2 or 3 HP left. One detail to remember is that Vader threw one and I Deflected it back and defeated him :-)


Best of three games against the same one I lost my 3rd game (Top 2 after Swiss). For the first game, I won the battlefield and it was very tough game to win. For the second game, I won the battlefield again and it was even tougher. Rise Again and Force Illusion saved Palpatine 3 or 4 times during the two games. It's worth remembering that Rise Again allows to play upgrade from discard pile for free. I got Force Lightning that way in one of the games.

Just before the end of the second game, Palpatine had 3 HP left and I claimed the battlefield and healed one. The opponent managed to do 3 damage before round was over and then the final round began with Palpatine 1 HP left and opponent's Kylo had 3 or 4 HP left.

I started the round and threw the dice (2 Palpatine, and 2 others), Palpatine rolled 2 and, fortunately for me, the opponent didn't have means to remove the damage and I won with 1 HP left. Very very tough game and the best I've ever played.

Lessons Learned

The first lesson is the battlefield. Otoh Gunga - Naboo is a must for Palpatine, I healed many HP with it and would've lost if I hadn't won the battlefield during the finals.

The second lesson is the upgrades. I need more of them as I didn't really get any upgrades during the first games. Force Speed is a must but if that's your only upgrade, it helps only so much. Also I didn't get Sith Holocron and even if I had upgrades in my hand, I didn't have resources to use them. So cheaper upgrades to be added to deck. Force Illusion is a must.

The third lesson is the events. I had good events including Deflect, Isolation, Rise Again, Trust Your Instincts and others.

But then Enrage was not used once (and I wouldn't want to deal 1 damage to myself), Manipulate was used maybe once, Anger couple of times but requires blanks for my dice and I don't ever have many dice in the game. Now You Will Die was used once. Overconfidence seems like good one but I used it only couple of times.

All those events are subject to change. Perhaps only one Anger. One New Orders might be a good one. Events that remove opponents dice are always good choices and events that don't require any special conditions. All In, Swiftness, Aim are also something to consider.

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