Han Polo

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SillyJedi 459

Super Fun deck I've Been working on. Pretty much replaced Hondo Ohnaka - Respected Businessman with Han Solo - Savvy Smuggler. I think Han is better late game and his ability is super sweet! This deck hits hard and fast! I wouldn't mind making room for some Retreat as well I just don't know what to cut at this time.


bigdanorama 140

I love the deck, I've been running something similar for about a month now. In my version, I run 2 Hidden Blaster. I think you can replace Jetpack and Overkill with those.

Not sure if you need Maz's Vault, I would consider adding Impulsive, which is super good on Poe's 2 side.

SillyJedi 459

That actually might work! I like Vault a lot I can see cutting one though. Reason I like Jetpack is it can deal a lot of damage plus the special chain utility from Po to remove melee which is super popular in the meta right now

bigdanorama 140

This is my current list if you want to check it out. Some of the cards are a bit techy, I think I would change Retreat for Hyperspace Jump.

amustoe 47

thanks for posting!

SillyJedi 459

Np @amustoe

GenghisDon 99

SHHHHHH you are giving away one of the best kept SWD secrets!!! Poe Han is a ton of fun.

SillyJedi 459

@GenghisDon had a buddy who asked me to post me list, sorry :( This deck is nuts though just saying :)

Winter Smuggler 19

I've been playing like these swdestinydb.com for a couple of months. Impulsive with the 2 Focus side of Poe, plus 2 Overkill is an 8 damage combo.

SillyJedi 459

Impulsive seems like a card that should go in the deck, maybe cut the Quickdraws and see how it works out