Donde estas, donde estas, Yolando ? (French regional Winner)

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Yolando (WA Top 8) 5 1 2 1.0
MV Regional Top 16 (13th) // T3 Gaming 2 1 0 1.0

Strog 715

To start reading this report/analysis you'll need a little music :

The regional took place at Lyon (France) and there were 18 players. Thanks again for the organization and hosting. This was a great event :)

A fast recap of my matches :

Round 1 - eTalzin / Super battledroid / Super battledroid - Win

Round 2 - eHan / eQira - Win

Round 3 - eYoda / eLeia3 - Win

Round 4 - eYoda / eLando2 - Win

Round 5 - eL3-37 / rebel engineer / rebel engineer - Lose

Top8 - eYoda / eLeia2 - Win 2-0

Top4 - eLeia2 / Anakin2 / Hiregdun - Win 2-0

Final - eLando2 / eBiggs + Profitable connections - Win 2-1

Thanks to every player I faced, that were interesting games. Special mention to the final that pushed me to make no mistake at all and to take those perfect choices.

Before I went to the event (my first french regional) I practiced for 2 months with the deck for more than 200 games, both in my LGS and on TTS. As I realized the deck was one of the strongest I ever played, I decided to note my results to be sure that I wasn't dreaming.

The result is here, from the moment I started to record my games to my victory at this regional I went 143 - 48 with the deck. Almost 75% winrate

You can find all my games stats at the link below:

Deck description :

The goal of the deck is clear enough : ramp some money, play big vehicules and be fast to complete big Planned Explosion

Double down choices :

Triple Planned Explosion is mandatory, with the 4 ressources side on Lando it is surprisingly easy to play it, even more with yoda's stability.

For the second card there were many choices but I quickly realised that Friends in Low Places was the best card. Every time you got it you can and you want to play it. It fits perfectly with the idea of explosions by removing you opponent control and seeing his hand. I will go further and say that it is maybe the best card for the Double Down plot.

Deckbuilding choices :

DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol : an amazing upgrade, no speed loss + integrated removal + some 3 value side for the explosions. It can be overwrited on Lando for some free Second Chance

Force Illusion : I play only one in almost all my decks because most of the time the second is youseless as you have no more cards in your deck.

Force Speed : I think every one knows that it is one of the best card in the game and that with Yoda - Wizened Master you are incredibly fast.

Second Chance : Lando is key in this deck. He is the only character with damage sides and Yoda's won't give you an explosion. Extending the game can give you huge comebacks.

Millennium Falcon : it is the best Falcon to play with Lando, giving you so much surprise for only 2 if you are on your battlefield.

N-1 Starfighter : look at these sides for only 1 , this is crazy. The card can reactivate your stronger vehicules or destroy your opponent's which is really important in this current meta.

Pirate Speeder Tank : it was include and remove several times, but finally this is an amazing card. Big sides, wonderful special.

Shadow Caster : it is here for the sides to complete explosions. Eventually you can resolve the die as the deck generates a lot of money.

Beguile : wonderful control in this Vador meta.

Easy Pickings : everyone knows it, game breaker.

Entangle : only one copy because of the spot condition.

Hyperspace Jump : with all the speed this card makes your opponent despair.

Impulsive : one copy because you need to play it just at the perfect moment once per game

Overconfidence : one copy because of spot condition and a lot of people hates Yoda

Partnership : one of your key cards round 2 or round 3 to prepare a big surprise. This card is crazy when you have a Falcon in game as you can activate both your characters. With force speed setup, it is a complete nightmare for your opponent. This card can give you crazy comebacks.

Finally there were one tech card before the event and it was Dismantle. I played it after a discussion with my sparing partner because we were sick of Vader's Fist. The card is flexible because you can also destroy key support in many decks like C-3PO. Unfortunately for him, I used it well against him during the Final. Love you @Fresck <3

Hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any questions go ahead.


YOUR Destiny Podcast 2003

LOVE the music :D

Hessian Sack 1331

Bro, that music. Well done on your Regional win.

Leddon75 139

Tier S deck Name :) Lost to dismantle too in our mirror ;...;

bmarcial 57


ciamoslaw 1

Hi, I am now testing out this deck. It can be extremly chaty (falcon, partnership, force speed) but I am not sure if 3x planned Explosion is really needed. Thinking about switching it for 3x force speed.

Strog 715

@ciamoslaw With 3 Planned Explosion you are sure to draw it and to play it. I did consider Force Speed but I think 2 is enough and prefer triple Friends in Low Places by far. You can still test it out as it depends on our game feel preferences that can be different :)

Tistu 1

I'm fan of your deck. Congrats.

Strog 715

@Tistu Glad you like it, I managed to win a second Regional with the list :)