Funny suicide deck: 3-2 swiss (Regional-Milano)

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doubleL96 10

This is a 4fun deck, even though it can deal with aggro decks, but above all it's very, very fun and rewarding.

The deck engine is the death of your characters (so if you're facing a mill you can concede -I know that mill is not that played in Italy, so it was worth the risk. Indeed there was only 1 mill deck- ), that will trigger: 1 Attrition, 2 Aftermath, 3 Vow Of Vengeance and last but not least 4 Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa.

Therefore in your first hand you want to mulligan for Attrition, Aftermath, and a removal (preferably The Best Defense...). Actually the only cards you don't really want in your first hand are: Vow Of Vengeance, New Orders, and Endless Ranks. I usually choose oppo's bf to get 2 shields, and to trigger my bf twice with New Orders.

Play Attrition and Aftermath as soon as possible, Respite the Battle Droid, also put damage on the Battle Droid (poor droid) or the Veteran Stormtrooper when dealt indirect damage or with The Best Defense.... You don't really care about your dice, at least early game, sometimes they'll ping damage, sometimes (preferably) you'll get your extra resource, just use everything they roll (if you have meditation, you should trigger Dark Advisor's special to look help you setup your board).

Once some of you characters are dead, you should have had your board set up with Aftermath, Attrition, Meditate, the Chance Cube and the Separatist Landing Craft. When needed use the meditate engine to get your 3 resources with the Chance Cube, or use the Separatist Landing Craft's special. After at least 2 of your characters have been defeated, the time has come: Vow Of Vengeance has to enter in play (preferably on Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary, since his last shot might be dealing an unexpected 4/5 damage).

As soon as you perceive things are getting difficult, play that Endless Ranks and revive the Veteran Stormtrooper. New Orders can be the very last card you play. Once 3 of your characters are defeated play it, claim, and claim again in the following round. And that's how you deal 9 damages.

Potentially, you can have up to 60 HP with this deck. Probably your opponents will flip the table once they have to kill the trooper for the 3rd time.

As for Power of the Dark Side, this is the card i'll be changing, I'm still looking for a valid replacement though.

And now a quick tournament report: (Milano, 27/01/19)

1) vs e-Palpatine - Darth Sidious, e-Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary, Bitter Rivalry: LOSS The first game was vs a super close friend. We tested our decks together (yeah, we like playing weird stuff), without considering the time limit, the time expired: I had dealt 10 damages (2 resurrections on palpatine were brutal), and I had been dealt 36 damage (lol)

2)vs e-Han Solo - Independent Hotshot, e-Qi'Ra - Street Savvy, No Allegiance: LOSS I thought this was my matchup. I have cycled through (almost) the whole deck and both the Attrition and the Endless Ranks were in the bottom 6 cards. A fantastic player though, he finally got the second place in the tourney.

3)vs e-Lando Calrissian - Galactic Entrepreneur, e-Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader. WIN This guy was the only one who went on Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary first (wise choice) The deck worked as it should, the Dark Advisor got the Vow Of Vengeance at the end since he was the only char at full health (and magically rolled the 2 ind twice after he got the upgrade).

4)vs e-Lando Calrissian - Galactic Entrepreneur, e-Biggs Darklighter - Rebellion Ace WIN Very nice deck which relies a lot on action cheating: the deck rolled pretty poorly in late game, which made me pierce the 2 Second Chance easily. I closed the game with the New Orders trick

5)vs e-L3-37 - Droid Revolutionary, Rebel Engineer, Anakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy. WIN Despite the Shadow Caster turn 1, I was able to manage the insane amount of damage this deck was dealing. I loved this deck btw.

P.S.: An opponent on TTS brought a very similar deck to a game. After that game, i fell in love with the deck and I tried to recreate a similar one, with a few changes. So, dear Unknown Opponent, if you'll show up I'll give you credits for the idea!


Caleb 1

Also when Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary do dies you pretty much win. It says roll any number of his character dice into your pool. Just borrow a bunch from friends and roll like 100 in your pool and win! LOL!

Imperial Spy 172

OMG @Caleb your right this is ground breaking no wonder Vader/Greedo wins so much.

Buffybot 267

Love the deck! For replacing Power of the Dark Side, how about Astromech to hit the special on Separatist Landing Craft? Otherwise, I'd maybe keep it simple with an extra Meditate or He Doesn't Like You, I imagine they both work off your character dice blanks quite nicely.

doubleL96 10

Thanks @Buffybot! Another Meditate would be good. Hidden Motive should also work (but I had to borrow mine to a friend who was playing competitive while at the regional -and actually won it- and this is mainly why it is not in the deck list).

doubleL96 10

OMG @Caleb you just broke the game

doubleL96 10

*a friend borrowed mine