eAphra/Grevious/Sentinel 3-0 Local tourney winner w/guide

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Sherkaun 603

This deck is pretty nuts, but by no means fine tuned. I didn't have an extra Hailfire Droid Tank, so I tried out Assassin Droid.

First cards you want to start with is Tech Team, surprisingly Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid, and 0-0-0 or BT-1, and one of the free removals.

Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid is sooo good in this meta, you can get rid of any card, meaning you can really mess someones game up. I might include 2 of these just to get it early.

Battlefield Choice: Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa, don't underestimate this card in a 3 wide indirect deck. First off since you're doing indirect they aren't going to kill a character early just to use the benefit of the battlefield. Second you aren't going to be claiming early game, so it does no effect against you. End game is where it shines, if you have 2 characters dead, and them none because they are spreading the indirect that's actually perfect. Every game I played at the end I could activate BT-1, deal 2 indirect with 0-0-0, then claim and deal 2 more indirect if I had 1 remaining character. Seriously don't use any other battlefield and try to use this over theirs, the 2 shields won't make a difference.

Sentinel Messenger is awesome, here's how to time his ability. Starting turn if you don't have 0-0-0, or BT-1 I usually wait to activate him with enough resources to play them, or if my opponent has a character rolled out and can either use a removal (try to not roll anyone else out if you haven't used Forsaken), so that Sentinel Messenger is the only die in the pool and the card is playable.

General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander remember that you can roll ANY number of your droid dice, I mistakenly thought it was only 1 in my first match, also that General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander is not a droid himself. This is perfect when you're out of cards and need to reroll your droid dice.

Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter, try to keep her alive as long as possible, always resolve the 2 shield, and remember to use her draw, this can make or break a game.

The only card I wasn't always thrilled about was Ark Angel, since speed isn't a big factor(yet) in this meta. Also I say this deck isn't fine tuned because I'm still looking for the balance of number of droids and their costs, also waiting for the meta to emerge.

I may include The Best Defense..., just to have a 2 die removal card, and obviously Crash Landing is amazing with this deck.


Fit_Kit_Fisto 1

@Sherkaun what were the matchups you went against?

Chi3f1n6 21

If you're looking for recommendations I've tuned my Aphra-Grievous decks in this way: -1 Hailfire, +1 Stap, +1 Assassin, -2 Sinister, -2 Truce, +2 Reprogram, +2 Crash Landing, -2 Riot Shield, +1 By Any Means. I usually run the 2 BDs over the Sentinel but blue has a couple decent removal cards.

It's really important to go all in with Aphra's ability and include the full suite when using her. Consider using her at 1 die since her dice really aren't that great. ID10 is an interesting choice.

I've been on the fence about Ark Angel before too, its die is pretty weak but its ability can trigger huge damage if you use it with BT-1, Climate Disruption Array, or Assassin Droid. Oh, and unless you play a lot of vehicles Hailfire is generally not a good value, it's only good if you play it early and it costs too much even after discounts. It will ruin your ramp when you need activation effects and indirect damage more.

Xorak 1

I was looking at a similar setup. Any thoughts on doing 1 dice for each character and adding armored reinforcements? Turn 1 hailfire for 2 cost seems really good.

Sherkaun 603

@Fit_Kit_Fisto I can't remember all the match ups, I think it was eLuke3/eYoda, eJyn/eCassian, and I can't remember the third

Sherkaun 603

@Chi3f1n6 good suggestions, I think I'm going to remove Hailfire Droid Tank and add another Assassin Droid and see how that feels.

Sherkaun 603

@Xorak Yeah I'll have to tinker with that. I removed Hailfire Droid Tank, but being able to get 0-0-0, if I don't have one in had, or BT-1 first turn with Armored Reinforcement could be worth it for consistency. But I love her 2 shield side, and even getting one of those can make a big difference

Sherkaun 603

@Xorak oh just read it's vehicle only, so that may not work well if I take Hailfire Droid Tank out