Vader3/eWatto - 1-5 @ UK GQ Milton Keynes (13/04/19)

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man_utdmasta 26

Used this deck in the first of the two standard tournaments at the UK GQ in Milton Keynes trying out something different for a Darth Vader - Terror To Behold deck. Obviously trying to use Watto - Stubborn Gambler to make and ramp Vader into a beast but Watto just didn't roll often enough for me and made it very difficult if I didn't pull a Way of the Force first or second hand.

The GQ in Milton Keynes was my first SWD event and this tournament was the first tournament of the weekend so I probably should have used something a bit more tried and tested but the results were as follows:

  1. ePadmé Amidala - Resolute Senator / eSaw Gerrera - Extremist Leader - Loss

  2. eKes Dameron - Courageous Sergeant / eRex - Clone Captain - Loss

  3. Captain Phasma - Stormtrooper Commander / eWatto - Stubborn Gambler - Loss

  4. eLeia Organa - Boushh / eYoda - Wizened Master - Loss

  5. eAnakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy / eJar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast / eRose - Skilled Mechanic - Win

  6. eHan Solo - Savvy Smuggler / eYoda - Wizened Master - Loss

My biggest problem (all weekend really) was going after the wrong character first, making incorrect decisions and just not being experienced enough to counter what my opponent was doing. Maybe in more experienced hands and with a deeper collection to build from the deck would do better.

I think the deck is really powerful if Watto turns up and with the correct card pulls early but is too inconsistent to warrant using over something like Vader/Greedo or a Vader/FOST deck.


n0stra 8

I don't think it is a good idea to run Vader with only one die, and if you have the luck to grab a WotF, it can potentially be removed. You can make money with two dice of Vader :)

I think It binds should be x2 (or 0 in fact), it is more like a "dead" card in x1, and you have too many upgrades in your deck since you always want to have at least WotF on Vader and hoping Honed Skills to equip Soresu + 2 sabers. If you want to keep this pairing like this, I think Forbidden Lore could be interesting to play WotF and drawing a card.

IMO you should also add a Darksaber with Vader + yellow mate. Unshackle can save you, and it is another 1-cost card, because I think adding Witch Magick in Vader deck can be a good option

I like Vader, and I think I will test it with maybe Enfys Nest's Marauder and Bitter Rivalry, to keep yellow cards, and I just want to play Mace Windu's Lightsaber on Vader :D But definitely with two dice.. I will probably use Outer Rim Outpost - Nal Hutta instead of Theed Royal Palace since the errata force you to remove one die.

man_utdmasta 26

@n0stra Agreed, 1 die Vader isn't the best. I ran him again with Battle Droid and Retribution in another tournament and did better which I will publish the results later too.

Agreed again, It Binds All Things wasn't used at all and was a dead card and in hindsight shouldn't have been in the deck.

Unfortunately I don't own a Darksaber but would have included it if I did. An Unshackle or a Breaking Bonds would have been needed in one of my games as both my characters had Hampered on them at one point which was rough.

I like the sound of Enfys Nest's Marauder in there with maybe Rendezvous in there for the paysides on its die.

I actually changed the battlefield to Fighting Pit - Mimban and forgot to change it on here (which i will do now). Power Actioned it three times in one game and rolled on Vader each time :/