eYoda/eLeia - Regional Championship Winner in Campina Grande

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vasconcelosnat 58

Hey, everyone! Here is the deck list that I used to get the first place at the Regional Championship that happened in Campina Grande (PB). This Regional had 33 players and was the biggest in Brazil until now (https://tabletop.to/sw-destiny-regional-tio-gera-2019).

I got 5-1 in the swiss rounds:

  • W Grievous/Droid/Droid/Droid/Droid
  • W eHan/eBiggs/Armored Reinforcement
  • W eLeia/Anakin/Guardian
  • W eSnoke/Watto/Fost
  • W eSnoke/Watto/Fost
  • L eYoda/eLeia/Astrogation

I faced ePalpatine/eWatto in top 8 and managed to get 2-0. MVP: Flames of the Past on Force Storm.

I faced another mirror match in top 4 and managed to get 2-1. The most interesting play was when I had to finish a match with 2 specials available (1 on Yoda - Wizened Master's die and 1 on Resistance Ring) and Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance's dies showing no good results at all. My opponent had focuses on his dies. He had to solve the focuses, solve the discards and then claim to win the match. I used Yoda's special to turn Leia's die to 2 discards' side and the special on RR to get the Motivate on my discard pile. The next play was to claim the battlefield and close the match.

I played against an experienced player called Sérgio Muniz and he was playing with eSnoke/Watto/Fost. I lost the first match and won the 2 left ones. An upturning point for me was when I managed to play the Resistance Rings of my deck and the No Answer events. The final is available here: https://youtu.be/qpXSbIhB1ns?t=40864

Thank you!

Do. Or do not. There is no try.


aleexanzini 203


airgigio 8

"I used Yoda's special to turn Leia's die to 2 discards' side and the special on RR to get the Motivate on my discard pile. The next play was to claim the battlefield and close the match"

Great move!!!!!!!!

Janse Brasileiro 17

Congratz! \o/ A very well played tournament! #BanNoMill hahha

General Vatutin 26

This is a perfect deck.

General Vatutin 26

@vascon Is there a particular deck or counter to this. The reason I ask is because when I am not on TTS, I play the wife who always plays held and me villains. We have 35+ decks each. Before I build this Death Star I need some Bothans to die giving me info on how to find a weakness...however minute. When I play with just the wife I can bend the rules, so adding non-standard cards to a couple of decks would be allowed. I would love to build this a a permanent deck for the next twenty years if I can create two competitive counter decks!

Thanks in advance and congrats. A lot of similar cards as others but I think the numbers of each card are really spot on. For example, I would have put in two dex dinners etc., but the more I stare at this and play it out the more every choice seems...perfect!

General Vatutin 26

Actually, Way of the Light is non standard now I think about it, but since the wife plays hero’s and me villains I am so used to that card I missed it. Flames is a great call that people have been moving away from for some odd reason.

Curious, what was the final card(s) included and what did you take out.

Did you find yourself claiming more often than not...looks like 60/40, but that is not playing it but other Yoda mill versions? I ask because I love reaching the stars, but Yoda usually solves that issue. I just haven’t played with or against Yoda mill in several months oddly.

Also curious, if you would consider caution over pacify if you were allowed?

Again, Tx for the wisdom in advance.

vasconcelosnat 58

@General Vatutin this deck's pace has been slowed down a little bit with an errata of No Answer published on June 10th. I did not get the chance to evaluate its performance after the new Holocron. Its main weakness is: if you manage to burst Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance ASAP, I probably won't be able to finish the match. I saw that 2 Dex's Diners were too much. I analyzed the matches that I played (more than 20 or so) while I was practicing and it wasn't considered a super necessary card for me, that's why I decided to put only 1 on my deck. Initially, I was using Soresu Mastery and Soresu Training, but I saw that those cards didn't make a huge difference, so I decided to include 2 Lore Hunters in order to increase the speed of my mill. Flames of the Past will never leave my deck, only when it rotates. I face many decks that have 2 Vader's Fists, 2 Megablaster Troopers, 2 0-0-0s, 2 BT-1s, 2 Force Storms... The event Way of the Light is still valid on Standard. I would consider this deck super aggro so I can claim my Occupied City - Lothal very fast. I would not consider Caution over Pacify even if Caution had a reprint because I think that my characters' dies are very important to the mechanics of this deck in particular. Thank you for the comments and for the questions :)

General Vatutin 26

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me your thoughts! Strange I missed the change to No Answer when hearing about the changes in a podcast—must have fast forwarded too much or something. So thanks for mentioning that miss on my part. I’ll have to go look at the change.

Again, congrats.

General Vatutin 26

What I meant to say was that Way of the Light is “a standard” in many of my wife’s decks so I forget that it is not played nearly as often as it seems to me. Sorry, for the wording. Once I used the destiny term “standard” is became confusing at best.

General Vatutin 26

That’s weird the errata is not in the Holocron update, but the rules clarification. Again, Tx for pointing that out. Have that in a couple of the wife’s hero decks decks an hate playing against it, but that gives a tiny bit back. At least it can be played around in some cases...some. Still a hell of a card, but that difference might be more than I currently imagine.

General Vatutin 26

So, as I was putting the deck together for a permanent spot on my shelf (thanks), I realized when I was grabbing some pacify from the table that I was building a mill deck so Of course one would ALWAYS pick pacify over Caution even if it had not rotated out...total brain fart. Haven’t been playing against mill lately and as a villain player only have one mill deck and it isn’t so hot so it doesn’t see play. That was kind of you to not point out that I was an total idiot.

vasconcelosnat 58

@General Vatutin I'm glad I could help. Thank you for your time seeing my deck and for sharing your thoughts with me. Have fun playing the game!