[DoF] Maul, but better

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Dice of Failure 637

Dice Of Failure Original

I've always loved IG-88 - Single-Minded and this deck has wildly exceeded my expectations.

I wanted to pair him with another Bounty Hunter, and Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary gave me just that. This leaves room for a two-cost plot. The question is Taking Ground or Double Down, both of which provide exciting options. While double down can give you a second Dead Or Alive, which is one of the only reasons bounties are viable, the other reason bounties are viable is Nightsister Lair - Dathomir. You can't go wrong either way, but I went with Taking Ground to get the lair.

This means I almost always get three resources round 1, which is enough to play IG-2000, Pulse Cannon or Gauntlet Rockets, all of which put huge pressure on your opponent.

This deck does a lot of what the new Maul does, arguably more consistently. Give it a shot (but not first).


GoldSquadron555 1

Have you thought about running Any Means Necessary instead as your plot? Can at least guarantee some damage if Greedo is rolling blanks (which he tends to do)

Dice of Failure 637

I definitely have. I want to like Any Means Necessary, I just don't, at least not in this deck. Three bounties is a lot to ask for two unblockable. Having played this deck several times now, I don't recall ever getting three bounties on one character. The point of Iggy2 is to play bounties on several characters, so it's kind of antithetical to his win condition.

So, more often than not, it's going to be remove a Greedo blank for one unblockable, which isn't bad, but I think that's less valuable than either guaranteeing the battlefield with Taking Ground, or increasing the number of bounties you get with Double Down.

So, I had considered it, I just think this is the wrong deck for it. There's probably another bounty hunter deck that could make sense with it, but I'm not sure this is the one.

MaimVoorhees 81

@flyingdadbomb if you went double down, what would be your add ins? A third Dead Or Alive? And what else?

Dice of Failure 637

@MaimVoorhees Definitely Dead or Alive. That card is way too good. Then I waffle back and forth. On one hand, it'd be really nice to have another zero-cost bounty, so Death Mark or Wanted would be high on the list.

On the other hand, getting a third IG-2000 simply to increase the odds of drawing it would be pretty great - of course, then you have three copies of a unique card, which is a lot of fat for a deck, but seriously that card is game changing when it hits the table.

SSjedi 1

This deck looks amazing.

chazz 157

I'm interested why you included such a sub-par character as IG-88s partner when there are FAR better options for 13 points. I just don't see the plot as being vital compared to a better dice and 3 (at least) extra health.

I'm also interested by 'By any Means'. Seems like there's better removal. Particularly Hasty Exit if your deck is picking up speed. Or Risky Move for pretty much no downside in the current meta.

Dice of Failure 637

@chazz I encourage you to test another build out and let me know how it feels.

For the most part, I don't like pairing Iggy with a character who isn't a Bounty Hunter, and the only bounty hunter you can make elite with Iggy is Greedo. And personally, I don't see him as sub par, particularly at elite. You get two dice with three damage sides that roll back in upon defeat. Also, I don't think the plot is unnecessary. You want your battlefield in this deck. It makes a huge difference in what you're able to pull off. So you get an elite bounty hunter with a plot that all but guarantees you'll have an extra resource for the round.

I have been exploring a similar deck to this with Asajj Ventress - Swift And Cunning. You can either do him elite and her single or vice-versa. I'd probably like that build a lot, but it does have distinct disadvantages, namely only three dice and no plot.

On the removal, I've always loved By Any Means. 2 or more for one indirect is an exchange most will take any time. Hasty Exit is difficult to guarantee, and I don't know what I'm getting myself into when I play Risky Move. By Any Means is consistent. I can minimize and redirect damage for a low cost.

chazz 157

Thanks for the reply! I was particularly thinking of Zuckuss. Though I guess Greedo's damage sides are better. And as you said, no plot.

Chi3f1n6 21

While in a vacuum 1-die Greedo is better than 2-die, the only other decent character that can give you a plot with IG is General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander. There are some interesting cards to add there with red and a leader, but that's for a different deck.

I think some players are biased against Greedo because it takes a bit of skill to get value out of him, but he does great in aggro decks when you can resolve his dice twice in his last round. By Any Means can help here by killing off Greedo after you've resolved both his dice already.

Dice of Failure 637

@chazz I did forget about Zuckuss - The Uncanny One, but his special is also really a poor pairing for Iggy, because it can potentially take away a target. Late game, I could see it being useful for bounties on their only character left, so there could be something there. Let me know how it works!

@Chi3f1n6 Yeah, whenever Greedo is low health, I always roll him out and resolve his dice ASAP, that way I can guarantee a double-die roll out. And honestly, the Grievous Version of this might just be better. I'm curious at least - you get Counterintelligence, and Priority Target (which is next to useless with your battlefield, but it's still a zero-cost bounty), so there's probably merit there.

Again I'm just gun-shy about not having a second bounty hunter to pair with Iggy. Even if my opponent removes both of Iggy's dice, I've still been able to splash two across with one of Greedo's dice, which is better than Grievous can do without taking up a slot for Bounty Hunter Mask.

Muskymarko 1

This list seems really cool an I'm currently trying to build a ig88 deck on my table as I write this. My only concern is the 19 health . Has that been a problem? I'm a little tempted to run dengar with solidarity for more health an dengar ping damage. Or maybe a 3 die 3 character start for more health.

Dice of Failure 637

@Muskymarko sorry for the late response!

The health hasn't been a huge issue. I feel like this deck is just as aggressive as anything else out there, so it can and has won those aggro v aggro decks against pairings with higher health.

That said, you could get two health extra with Grievous or even 5 health extra with a 3-die Asajj Ventress - Swift And Cunning start, and that's certainly not bad.

As I say, give it a shot and let me know how it feels!

jb50c 1

I'm currently pairing with Super Battle droid to give me access to Red (automated defense, sinister peace, etc), a die fix and more health at the expense of a 4th die. It's not bad. Also, armor plating is the yellow riot shield. Highly recommend.

rufusmcdufus 46

I have been playing a similar list. I strongly recommend adding Take Flight.

General Vatutin 26

How is this doing against the meta decks floating around. Maul isn’t tier 1

Dice of Failure 637

@General Vatutin I haven't done rigorous testing just yet, although this is the one I'm most excited for to see if it works well.

It's taken a games off Ewoks and Droids (eSatine/e3PO/R2/FC), it goes toe-to-toe with Reylo. But this was all in a vacuum. Needs more rigorous testing, as I said.

It has wildly exceeded my expectations though. I thought this would fall on its face, but it's almost always felt like I've had a chance.

General Vatutin 26

If you could pick a few cards from infinite which would they be? Fast hands? Etc.

General Vatutin 26

How about the pistols? LL-30 Blaster Pistol vs. X-8 Night Sniper?

General Vatutin 26

Was Shakedown to situational? In the same vein, would you play My Kind of Scum with all those disrupts if able?

Dice of Failure 637

@General Vatutin for me, my big add would be Bait and Switch. Simple enough to get more value out of IG-88 and IG-2000's dice.

I also made a blue version of this deck that I like better. Double-die Asajj, single Iggy. And in that deck I also run Dengar's Fire Blade. Both Asajj and Dengar's blade has resource sides that can proc off Bait and Switch. And a Bait and switch into a power action or Fear and Dead Men feels great.

The only other two cards that come to mind are Friends in Low Places, for obvious reasons, and Relby-V10 Mortar Gun - just another opportunity to do mass damage that puts pressure on your opponent's removal suite.

Dice of Failure 637

@General Vatutin also, the current version of this list I run does actually run Shakedown. It's definitely the right call.

Also for infinite No Survivors could be nice tech. One resource for 2-3 damage sounds good to me.

General Vatutin 26

Do you still like the asajj version better. I attempted to look for it, but it was not put up. Love to take a look at that and maybe both. Cheers

Dice of Failure 637

@General Vatutinhere's the Asajj version, and yeah I think I do like it better. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to have more consistency. swdestinydb.com