GAS Powered Droids (Sydney GQ 5-1)

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JacksonC 3

This was my first GQ so I wanted a deck that I was familiar with and could make an impact (especially because I could only attend a quarter of the event).

I've always been a fan of Doctor Aphra, getting supports out cheap and getting extra cards when you deal yourself damage is a pretty great ability, especially combo'd with 0-0-0 to put the hurt on your opponent. In practise sessions I tested the popular version of this deck with Wat Tambor and Grand Design, but I was worried about missing triggers throughout the event. Plus the free re-roll from General Grievous is pretty great especially against mill, and I like messing up people's plans with Blockade.

This deck managed to take out Hero Droids, Lando/Leia, Jabba/Wat/Sentinel, and Vader/BD. My only loss was in the 2nd round against Ewoks, where my mitigation was mostly useless and a sneaky battlefield swap to Arena of Death allowed my opponent to claim and put too much damage onto me.

0-0-0 is the star of this deck, dealing damage to my opponent every time I deal my self indirect. If you play this deck you need to mulligan hard to make sure you start with this card. I was lucky enough to start or mulligan into 0-0-0 every round at the GQ.

Coruscant Police also did a great job, the ability to remove scoundrel dice is great, throughout the day I used them to remove several Entourages and stop Lando from milling too much while not wasting valuable removal.

Vader's Fist is a nice late game card for when you've amassed enough money and have played all your important droids. Being able to roll out the dice 3 times when you play it (which is usually in the last or second last round) makes it a great game closer. (And unlike other options such as Megablaster Troopers it doesn't rely on spotting a particular character to be effective.)

The removal package is pretty standard, just focusing on the cheapest removal available, with the exception of By Any Means which is just too good with Aphra and 0-0-0 and the Best Defense, which is my only multiple removal in the deck.

Desperate Measures is a great card with Aphra and 0-0-0, unlike Vandalize it allows you to remove even the most expensive support and combos well with the rest of the deck.

Reprogram and Respite are your resource generating cards. I usually use respite on Aphra because half the time all you want from her is a resource anyway. Plus it allows you to keep the board state static in case you need to use Forsaken.

Modular Frame is pretty nice, giving the Sentinel and Grievous extra health (plus the redeploy is nice), but I may end up replacing it with more removal or some Probes (or maybe even a sneaky Fear and Dead Men for dealing with Ewoks).

Also, a quick note on the battlefield. I chose Watto's Shop with the expectation that I would almost never be claiming, and my opponent would get no use out of it. Aphra is one of the few decks that can use this battlefield effectively (although even then it is extremely rare), by discarding 0-0-0 or BT-1 when you have a second copy in your hand. Which will net you an extra resource when using Aphra's ability (or 2 extra if you also use a Reprogram).

Thanks to all my opponents for the great game, and especially to those who travelled from out of state to get here.

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