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(Note: The other list published by Widerling was with my permission because I just now came around to writing this recap)

I also wrote an article for Your Destiny about this deck which you can find here:

This is the deck I took to the Prime event in Roskilde (Denmark) on the 9th of November and managed to pull out on top. Though not without some kindness, but more on that later. We were 15 people with a top 8 cut, because it was asked if we wanted to so more people could get some training in playing best-of-three and nobody had anthing against it. Anyway here are the match ups:

Round 1: Yoda - Wizened Master/Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance & Astrogation II Result: Won

My opponent won the roll off and took their battlefield, but I was able to put 7 damage into Yoda during the first round and then finished him off in the second while controlling the Force Jump he had up at the time. I was able to get my aggressive tech off, but it was still close in the end. With only a few card left in my hand, making it clear that mill was going to be my nemesis.

Round 2: Chopper Droids with Fateful Companions II Result: Lost

This was against a friend of mine against whom I already tested this deck a few times and got beat by his droids every time. Played on his battlefield (Theed Royal Palace - Naboo). I managed to off Chopper, but Obi died quickly after and while still holding on, my R2 could not overcome his and C3-P0.

Round 3: Kylo Ren - Bound By The Force/Rey - Bound By The Force & Temporary Truce II Result: Won

I won the roll off and took their battlefield, putting the shields on Obi. This was a pure slug fest until both Kylo and Obi were down. It came to the little droid to hold his own against Rey .... and he did. Wielding a Dagger of Mortis, Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber he prevailed and cut Rey down with some good timed burst damage, though it was still close.

Round 4: Palpatine - Unlimited Power/Jabba The Hutt - Influential Kingpin & Lightsaber Mastery II Result: Won

This is probably the first match I could call easy. My opponent did not draw a lot of abilities or ramp at first and I controlled their ramp dice/focus as much as I could. In the end my damage was too fast and too hard hitting for him and Palpatine was down round 3 and they conceded at that point. Only had 1 damage on Obi.

Round 5: Yoda/Leia & Astrogation II Result: Loss

We played on my battlefield and although I got a good Ataru Strike on Yoda early, the damage was just healed up and from there on my opponent managed to control my dice almost perfectly. Add to that me loosing any further useful tech to the discards, it was over even after I managed to kill Yoda.

Quarterfinals: Yoda/Leia & Astrogation II Result: 0/2 Loss

This was against the 3rd different Yoda/Leia mill, this time with THE Claus Staal, yes THE ICON of Your Destiny, at the helm. And he proceeded to absolutely destroy me. His was the most defensive of the mill decks and it payed off big time. His mitigation was on point, he denied me almost all my tech and it was just a disaster for me. But then he abdicated his seat in the semifinal, because the rest of the top cut would be against chopper droids and he knew that it would be an automatic loss for him. So I went on, thanks to Claus.

Semifinals: Chopper Droids & Fateful II Result: 2/0 Win

Rematch against my friend from round 2. His battlefield (Theed) in the first game and mine in the second. I did not go expecting a sweep into this, but after loosing to the droids multiple times and playing this deck all day I finally got into the 'zone' of how to play it. He did not have a lot of luck with upgrade in the first game and I was able to get rid of Chopper fairly quickly while protecting Obi-Wan and even him getting out Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle did take my win from me. In the 2nd one he targeted R2 first, trying to get the auto focus and squishier target out of the way. This enabled me to get big Ataru Strikes from Obi's shields, build him up and finish the game with a fully loaded out Obi-Wan for the 2/0. He also made a few mistakes, like flipping into a bunch of damage dice with R2 & Fateful via Ewok Ambush but then activating C3-P0 and resolving only 1 of them, allowing me mitigate some of the other damage.

(A lesson for all, if you don't know what your opponent has in hand do not leave a lot of damage in the pool when you have ambush, resolve it! This happened with multiple people over the course of the tournament.)

Finals: Chopper Droids & Fateful II Result: 2/0 Win

This one was a bit of a different list than the previous droids and used Bendu's Lair - Atollon, on which we played both games. He went after Obi first, but I managed to protect him with shields, choice removal and a 1st round 2 damage Steadfast onto Chopper. Keeping Obi alive throughout the match I gained the upper hand with Niman Mastery and my tech, ending it with a rather glorious Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit special.

In the 2nd game he went after R2 and after some back & forth both him and his Chopper were down. Both of his droids were on 7 health, with an Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber and Chewbacca's Blaster on R2, while I had Niman and a Dagger on Obi. I then proceeded to hit a 1 in over a 1000 roll, both top 3 on Obi, +3 on the dagger and 2 melee on Niman. He removed the Obi dice with Flee the Scene, which then allowed me to hit for 5, play an upgrade and end the round before he could do anything with his characters. That roll completely pushed the game in my favour, allowing me to rush down R2 and then finish off C3-P0.

Some last observations:

  1. Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber did some real work in multiple match-ups, together with the shield from Obi's activation and other cards it was well worth including.
  2. Niman Mastery currently still is the best blue upgrade, though I seemed to hit anything but the special.
  3. Bendu's Lair - Atollon actually almost always worked against my opponents. This deck can be pretty fast and I managed to keep it, after taking it, for most of the time.
  4. I always seemed to draw Electromagnetic Pulse when I least needed it.
  5. I have come to like Pushing Slash more and more over the course of this tournament, such a great together with Niman.

Anyway, I must thank Claus Stall again for allowing me the opportunity to win the tournament, without him this would not have happened.

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