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Jorgyn Ryys 114

Long write up. Section 1 Control Package, Section 2 Support Suite, Section 3 How the hell does it work?

The original build used Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician but the nerf messed that up. So now what? First Order Stormtrooper to the rescue!!!


This deck is along the same lines as Hux Train. Though this one is of my own design seen here: http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/14430/maximumfirepowerv2-1.0

I have been tweaking this since the release of EAW and have been refining it little by little. I think this is the most potent version at the current point in the card pool.

Card choices are simple at first, removal, and resource management. However, I decided to remove the Flank for He Doesn't Like You. My reasoning for this is I wanted to keep my removal as close to "free" as I could get it. Do I really need to explain Doubt, Cannon Fodder, The Best Defense... or Pinned Down? So out of 10 cards that are removal 6 are free. This needs to be this way for this deck to carry any kind of speed, though with the new wide open meta it may stand more of a chance as the game has been slowed down considerably.

I was forced to cut Imperial Inspection because it's poop now. Imperial HQ went in its place. Resource management is kind of a thing with this deck.

I am not necessarily sold on Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 as this deck is anything but fast. I am considering Medical Center - Kaliida Shoals for an easier time making it to the late game where this deck can really shine. Plus it can offset the costs of Cannon Fodder and The Best Defense.... Though it does have the ability to storm out of the gate, don't expect it to happen every time. I am not going to sit here and say that Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer does not speed the deck up, because he does plain and simple IF you can hit his ability every turn, which you should be doing in the first place. I don't think I need to explain Salvage Stand either.

Other cards that I am considering: Rend - Friends in Low Places - Deploy Squadron - Flanking Maneuver - Tech Team


Now on to the good bits, the so called junk.

First Order TIE Fighter is pretty much mandatory now with the Vibroknife nerf making shields viable again, you need something to clear as many shields as possible. AT-DP gets rid of C-3PO, Salvage Stand and other nuisance cards. I feel I don't need to explain Hound's Tooth as it is (in my opinion) the best vehicle in the game, damage sides be dammed. LR1K Sonic Cannon is a beast of a machine simply because of its ability. There will be plenty of times that it is more beneficial to exhaust the First Order Stormtrooper to pay for the damage if you don't have an Imperial War Machine on hand. Please don't make me explain Quadjumper. AT-ST is just consistent as all hell and an absolute threat and will draw removal. I am considering replacing the Slave I with the other Slave I. Pulling one die for 2-4 damage isn't terrible and I think it's sides are better and it has much more utility and a special that matters. Oh yeah did I mention it costs 3?

Other vehicles I am considering: Speeder Bike Scout lulz I know right. But removing a die and taking an extra action is nice - its die sucks but Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer can just eat it or hit its special with a

Z-95 Headhunter - another die that Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer can eat. Not terrible sides but not outstanding either.

These two vehicles can make the Deploy Squadron + Flanking Maneuver combo pretty potent but I don't think going wide is a good idea for 4 cards out of the deck or necessary for that matter.


Well, How the hell does it work? Its pretty straight forward though Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer does raise the floor a bit allowing for far more flexibility and consistency than General Hux - Aspiring Commander.

Your opening hand you always, and I CANNOT stress this enough, always want a Hound's Tooth. I always look for at least 3 Vehicles minimum on my starts. I don't care what 3 I get as long as one is a Hound's Tooth. If you can land a turn one Hound's Tooth and manage the 4 for 2 you are going to haul ass. DO NOT OVER EXTEND! It is extremely easy to do and very hard to come back from. This deck is 50% midrange and 50% tempo and I play it as such. Don't play it aggressively, all it will do is piss you off. Then you're going to blame me and it's not my fault you didn't read this long ass description that I have so painstakingly provided. -I digress- You have to know when to switch your game plan up from midrange to tempo and vice versa, the cues are subtle but they are there and when you play this deck for any length of time you will learn to spot them. I am not going to say this deck is T-1 because lets face it, its light on health at a paltry 26. If you roll I suggest taking them. That is pretty much the one side of the dice that I don't eat with Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer.

All in all this is my favorite deck that I have made to date. It's a kick in the pants to play and extremely satisfying when it goes off. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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