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ForceSquad 328

Hi everybody, here's another report from Matteo of Force Squad! The deck I've been testing these months is taking me far every tournament I attend, and I'm very happy about that. Again we're talking about Yoda with Rey and the Padawan. The list is pretty much the same as the previous, with a few cards modified for the meta we expected at the tournament. Both me and my teammate Fabio piloted the same list, but unluckily he ended the swiss with a 4-2 record and the rating didn't helped. However, here's the last choices:

  • The Power of the Force: often this card is very strong when you are in a large heading position, but we decided to play it because is very unexpected and let you do very unfair things to you opponents. Resolve 1 as 5/6 and kill is the more obvious solution, but it is really satisfying discard an entire hand with sides, or even using 1/2 to turn all your dice to an huge amount of damage (most of the times as first action with Force Speed). Also Rey helps this card a lot gaining upgrades without losing actions. Every time you use it is game changing.
  • Rend: a return in our meta-call cards. Sabine does what she want with Maz's Vault, Running Interference and Force Speed (for the blue versions), and you don't want this to happen. Besides that many decks run Force Speed, Hondo uses Fast Hands, Kylo Ren uses Holocron and rend a Chance Cube is really great.
  • Fort Anaxes: As you may have seen I was using Secluded Beach as battlefield for this deck, since I wanted basically something that don't hurts me at all. We decided for Fort Anaxes because removing a is often not relevant (only Sabine and Poe are relevant user, and while the first's dice are untouchable the second is not a big problem for the deck), and the battlefield become useless. Besides that Fort Anaxes became SUPER relevant in the OTK matchup, splitting damage and removing low faces and droids.

And now comes the report! I ended up with a 5-1 record, resulting first after swiss. I faced all the all the 4 OTKs present to the tournament (and all of them made top 8), 2 Sabines, 1 hero vehicles, 1 YoZeb and 1 Kylzin.

Round 1: Win vs eSabine/Yoda. I had a normal hand vs a Force Speed start; a Force Illusion on Sabine led me to go for Yoda first to remove both action cheating and focus. Sabine alone became vulnerable to bad rolls and that helped me winning at time. 1-0

Round 2: Win vs OTK piloted by a good player (he made also top 8). One of the most careful matchups this deck has, but also a good one. I went for Nightsister first, annoyed by the reroll ability she has. When she died I focused on the other sister and when 5 unexpected damage killed her my opponent scooped. 2-0

Round 3: Win vs eKylo/eTalzin. I kept Rend before mulligan to play against Holocron and reduce Kylo's odds. Luckily on round one he picked exactly the one grey card I had in hand; Kylo died on round 4 picking right only one time (but I had many grey cards in hand almost always). No Holocron for him (but rend was always ready for it) and Talzin without upgrades was an easy picking. 3-0

Round 4: Win vs eYoda/eZeb, another deck that made top 8. I had here the strangest hand in the tournament, with 2 Knives, Rend, Assault and Speed, but it performed very well: on round 1 I did a focused ambush 3 cards (the whole hand at the moment) Assault, and after that my unblockable 6 were inevitable. Yoda died next turn easily with Vibroknives on board, and Zeb alone with no weapons were easy to beat. 4-0

Round 5: Win vs OTK, another top 8 deck. The game went like the previous one, with Nightsister dead early and the 7th not much time after. 5-0

Round 6: Loss vs eAayla/eRose/Ezra. Only one weapon for me in the first 2 rounds (the 2nd one was vandalized) and no damage dealt for 3 rounds made me in a bad spot when we finished at time. 5-1

Top 8: Win 2-0 vs OTK. Not that much to say; both games were decided by Assaults and a 5 Power of the Force. With no hand this deck is dead.

Top 4: Win 2-1 vs eSabine/Kanan. This match was soooooo close. I was against a strong player from the meta I come from, and Sabine is the strongest character to deal with right now. During game 1 the Assault strategy came up a lot, and even if in this matchup it isn't that effective it was that time: both Second Chances came discarded (helped by an Illusion) after Kanan's death and even with 2 Jumps Sabine fell. Game 2 was short and one-sided, my opponent had a good hand and good rolls and I couldn't do so much. Game 3 was the most heartbreaking. A good start from my opponent forced me to go instantly for Sabine, hoping in killing her in some strange ways. The Force was by my side and when Sabine had 8 damage and a Second Chance I rolled 3+5 to kill her with no possibility to mitigate from the opponent. From here the game was rapidly closed.

Final: Loss 2-1 vs OTK. Another strong player from my metagame, with the worst version of OTK my deck could deal with (full of shield-hating stuff and No Mercy). Game 1 ended fast like the others, and I was very confident I could win the whole thing, but the started the nightmare. On round 1 of game 2 I made a 2 cards Assault and the 2 cards remaining in his hand were The Price of Failure and Leadership. With those 2 the game was gone. Game 3 was long, and he won hitting the last 5 damage with Unyielding to avoid my shields. If I had the battlefield that round I would have won because of Speed+Concentrate.

I was so close! However the tournament went very smoothly thank to Jolly Troll who hosted the event. It was also very funny and competitive, so thanks to all my opponents and especially to Silver who made the most heartbreaking final I ever played! So proud he took the whole thing. Finally I want to thank my teammates Fabio and Nathan, with which I tested a lot together with the (in)famous Bad Destiny.

Here we are with report, thank you for reading all this and goodbye ;)


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ForceSquad 328

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