NC Regional Champion!! 12-2 In the Tournament!

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GregtheBiz 391

Yoda is the Best Pilot!! Change My Mind.....

This is the decklist that won the NC Regional at Game Theory in Raleigh, NC on December 15th 2018. A lot of the cards were Meta calls thinking I would be seeing a lot of 2-wide and a lot of Kylo/Wulff. There ended up being 32 different character pairings out of 49 people, which is great for the game, in my opinion.

Before I get into the Swiss rounds I have to say, that Armored Reinforcement should be AT LEAST a 5 cost plot. This added so much consistency to an already consistent deck (Yoda - Wizened Master). I played 14 games and got the Shadow Caster out on turn 1 in all but 1 game. That, along with cheap mods that I held in my mulligan, allowed me to resolve a 5 for free on turn 1 in many games.

This is more games of Destiny than I have ever played in 1 day so if I mention a sequence of events in the wrong game, I apologize.

Round 1 - FOST/FOST/Tie Plot/Guavian Enforcer - When I got up from this game I thought to myself, "If I draw and roll like this all day, I'll win this tournament." I didnt have a card in my discard pile until the end of round 3. He couldnt find his tech cards. Finished with 3 damage on Yoda. 1-0

Round 2 - eKylo2/eWulff - Very nice guy who said he hasnt played in a while. Actually sat at lunch with him during the break and talked about destiny and some other card games. Lots of big indirect early from Shadow Caster, then rounded out with that beautiful 6 to finish off characters. Found out that Wulff is much more oppressive than I thought, but the low health pool against the Shadow Caster dice and the many multi-dice removal for Kylos dice gave me the advantage. 2-0

Round 3 - eLuke3/eRey1/Profitable Connection - An early Guard of the Shadow Caster was tough, but went into Round 4 with Luke having 10 damage. Didnt kill him that round, which was sad, and not being able to use my large mitigation suite on his Shield sides was sad. Round 3 also saw the demise of Yoda on a sneaky play with Rey1 and Vibroknife for unmitigateable/unblockable damage. Nice Play. Luke went down early Round 4 and Rey couldnt push through enough damage and Shadow Caster did its job. 3-0

Round 4 - eKylo2/eWulff - This one came down to the wire. Hand knowlege was huge for him to play around my mitigation suite. Only card lost to Wulff P.A. was a Shield Generator, and trying to play cards to make my hand as even with colors as possible. This was my first of 2 games in a row with Yoda having 9 damage on him after round 1, with Yoda dying first and Wulff going down shortly after. A couple doubts on Shadow Caster dice wouldnt help much and the game ended with a Shadow Caster 6 side vs Kylo and a Force Illusion, but luckily only 5 cards in deck. 4-0

Round 5 - Vader3/Jawa/Retribution - Fear and Dead Men was the card I feared most in this tournament and out it came in round 1, though it was on a 2 side. This game started poorly for me as I resolved a 5 and a 2, which he put 5 into the Jawa and then proceeded to Price of Failure it. Im so dumb. It was back and forth for a while and Vader poured on the damage until I was left with Hired Gun when Vader finally succumbed to the might of the Shadow Caster. 5-0

Round 6 - eJyn2/eCassian - Only mill matchup of the day came right down to the wire. He sniped my Gungan round 1 and did 0 damage the rest of the way while milling his way through my hand and deck. Hasty Exit was a pro here as he kept my Triple Laser Turrets in the discard pile with Jyns action. Killed Cassian, I believe, Round 4 and worked Jyn down to killing range with Shadow Caster. Came down to him milling the last card in my hand with 0 in deck. I had the Hired Gun and Shadow Caster to actvate needing any damage side. Hired gun missed but Shadow Caster came through for me, like it did all day. 6-0

Round 7 - With a top 8 spot secured as the only undefeated, I scooped to a buddy of mine that hasnt been able to play in a while and also had set his goals for a top 8 and one of those beautiful playmats. We chatted for a while about different decks and how the Destiny scene up in Richmond, VA (Home of the Knights of Ren) was. I know they run a bunch of community events and leagues. Wish I lived closer to them because theyre a great group of guys and very good destiny players. 6-1

Made it to the Top 8 as the 4 seed after the scoop. Won one of those AMAZING playmats, which was my goal for the day.

Top 8 - eVader3/Jawa/Retribution Rematch - Game 1 was on my battlefield and saw the Shadow Caster come out to play with 2 mods in round 1. After the stupid mistake in the swiss rounds, I made sure not to do it again. This game turned when I got to a 6 on Caster dice and a The Price of Failure in his hand. He had to choose either to lose the Jawa and the reset of Vader, or reset Vader and Immediately take 6 damage on Vader. Sniped the Jawa off the board to eliminate the reset. Game 2 was as back and forth as any game all day and started with a Fear and Dead Men on a 4 side for 12 DAMAGE. This one came down to the wire as Vader had 5 life and 3 shields against my Shadow Caster showing 6 and a +2 on a Triple Laser Turret. He played conflicted on a Vader die for the literal coin flip with my last character on 2 health. I called heads, he rolled sticks. First loss of the day. Game 3 was back on my battlefield. Sniped the Jawa with a 6 side again and then wore down Vader. Other than game 2, His Vader dice were not helping him at all. 2-1

Top 4 - eKylo/eWulff - Played against the guy I scooped to in Round 7. Both games went fairly quickly with my mitigation suite taking care of lots of damage sides and Wulff not rolling a lot of sides. Shadow Caster was a monster in both games, as it was all day. They ended up being tough games and Reach The Stars (I think thats what its called) was awful. making me reroll Shadow Caster twice on 2 seperate occasions to get it off damage. Congrats Mike on the Top 4!! 2-0

Finals - eYoda/eHan3/Double Dealing - After looking at his decklist and seeing that he had 3 Force Speeds and 3 Hyperspace Jumps, I knew this was gonna be tough. Probably the most important part of this entire matchup was the initial roll-off for battlefield which I luckily won. Game 1 started with a ton of Indirect from the Shadow Caster. Finally Killed off Han (I believe) after Yoda died and his Yoda, with a Force Throw couldnt manage the damage from Shadow Caster. Game 2 was just oppressive for me. He started every round with a free resource from Theed Royal Palace - Naboo, and had 2 Force Speeds and a Force Throw on Yoda Round 1, followed by 2 guns on Han, I believe a Holdout Blaster and a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. With all of his extra actions and then Hyperspace Jumping out, I think I only managed 8 or 9 damage total the whole game. Game 3 was back on my battlefield and my deck cutting ability was brought to the forefront. I cant stress enough to practice cutting decks, you have to feel the heart of the cards to kno..... wait, wrong game. He only drew 1 upgrade (Force Speed) in round 1, which I Vandalized. without his battlefield and all of his speed, the might of the Shadow Caster was brought to bear. Han died Round 3 with all of my characters still alive, and although he switched the battlefields with a Hyperspace Jump, Yoda couldnt fight against the Shadow Caster equipped with a Triple Laser Turret. 2-1 for the Championship!

MVP cards of the day are Triple Laser Turret and Targeting Astromech, as a Shadow Caster with these 2 and either an R2 Astromech/Dorsal Turret/Arc Caster is a BRUTAL combo.

N-1 Starfighter was teched in for the vehicle mirror but I didnt face one all day.

The extremely low variance of this deck was what drew me to this character pairing and card choices. Yoda is the lowest variance character in the game, nearly always allowing you to do what youd like. Hired Gun was there for resources early and his mighty 3 for 1 later. Gungan makes it feel really good to play cards like Into The Garbage Chute/Negotiate/Vandalize. Id like to mention again that I believe Armored Reinforcement should be at LEAST a 5 cost plot. The errata changed this deck a little as the 2 Strategic Plannings came out for a Hidden Motive and a Negotiate and the deck didnt really miss them.

Didnt play All In or N-1 Starfighter the entire day and only played Shield Generator a couple times with 1 of them getting Vandalized and immediately replaced by another to ensure the safety of my Caster. I would definitely still leave them in the deck just in case though.

It was an amazing day of Destiny and a very well run tournament. The true MVP of the day was the rainstorm that came through Eastern NC that allowed me to have a day off and come to Raleigh for the tournament.


SwEEEEEtDookie 19

Congrats man! Nice on the win, glad my lost was to you in the cut.

JDanger31 125

Congrats on taking it all and thanks for the write up on your deck.

DjBigRuss 161

Congrats man! Well played.

axelklav 1

Any good Scruffy-Looking/All-in plays? Do you think an extra Hidden Motive/Vandalize would be more useful?

Feelings on Field Medics or Force Illusions to protect Mr. Wizened Master?

GregtheBiz 391

@SwEEEEEtDookie Thanks! Were you the Vader? You gave me some tough games

@JDanger31 and @DjBigRuss Thanks!

@axelklav I didnt play All In all day and would easily take it out. Probably replace it with another Scruffy actually. Scruffy was huge against Vader to try and get Fear and Dead Men out of their hand. I was happy every time I played it. Thought about Force Illusion but Field Medic couldnt make the cut. With all the great mitigation, 1 resource was nearly always worth more than 2 health. Force Illusion nearly made the deck. Might have been the last card or 2 cut.

Queklaine 209

Congrats. Anything you would change? Anything that ended up being more or less valuable than expected?

Entourage Gaming - Lanza 264

Great job! Well deserved!

GregtheBiz 391

@Queklaine I would take the All In out, as Yoda was nearly always the first target and it doesnt really help other than with his focus sides. I would probably replace it with a second Scruffy if I was playing again tomorrow. Triple Laser Turret was the most valuable, protecting the Shadow Caster die from mitigation (other than Doubt and re-roll cards like Sound The Alarm). Arc Caster actually felt like the worst of the mods, but it was nice to overwrite a Dorsal Turret for one and then getting a re-roll after the immediate activation.

@Vitalogy10 Thanks! It was a hard fought day against many great players!

JuzFuzz 27

Gees, this deck feels a little mean... haha I had Shadowcaster out first round and N1 the following (Yoda special chaining), shenanigans ensued - game was over not long after that. Nice decklist!

sageleader 2

Congrats dude, awesome deck! I'm curious why you played 2 Shadow Caster since you are just using Armored Reinforcement on it. Is it in case it is vandalized or discarded before you get a Shield Generator out?

GregtheBiz 391

@JuzFuzz Thanks, yes, it is pretty mean, especially with the Triple Laser Turret and your opponent has to look down the barrel of that 6 with nothing to do about it.

@sageleader During playtesting I played a deck who scooped to me in round 1 when I N-1 specialed his Shadow Caster. He said he has no win-con after that. I didnt want to be put in that situation so I included an extra in the hopes that I can survive with the excellent mitigation package until I draw the second Shadow Caster or an N-1 to start getting damage across.

benchan87 7

`@dustin13862, did loosing the battlefield make it difficult for a vehicle drop ?. as you need at least 3 for a Shadow Caster and Millennium Falcon

GregtheBiz 391

@benchan87 obviously paying 1 more for it stinks, but with Yodas focus, its very easy to make sure you get at least 3 resources out of your character dice turn 1, barring removal. That allows for the Caster with Armored Reinforcement, a Dorsal Turret and either mitigation, Targeting Astromech or R2 astromech. Thats a solid first turn with this deck.

wownerd4life 1

@dustin13862 I have this one guy in my playgroup who absolutely stomps this deck, what would you take out/put in? and how would you play differently? he was playing han solo/biggs: 1st action fetch the falcon, activate biggs which would activate falcon, which would activate han, resolve damage next turn (unless he played hit & run) , then hyperspace/retreat away.

GregtheBiz 391

@wownerd4life I dont believe there is any deck that can combat that deck when it gets its Hit and Runs and Hyperspace Jumps. This deck has a good chance due to the 7 multi-dice removal cards, so if they roll out without Hit and Run, you have a chance to remove a bunch of damage from their 2 largest sides. The way to beat it is hold at least 2 Mods in your opening hand. Since theyre playing the Falcon turn 1, they wont be able to Jump or Retreat. Get your Shadow Caster out and Mod it up. Then in the next turns when youre worried he might Jump or Retreat, roll out the Shadow Caster first, to put pressure on him. Especially if you have the Triple Laser Turret to protect the Caster die. Then, even if he tries to go quickly, you can get some damage in and try to stay ahead of the damage race.

Hessian Sack 1337

Heyo Dustin, I was wondering if you were on Discord? I've decided to take this to my Regional but would like to bounce some ideas off of you. @GregtheBiz Thanks! Hessian

GregtheBiz 391

Im not on discord, how else could we discuss? Some form of Messenger? I have WhatsApp

Hessian Sack 1337

I don't have any traditional messenger apps. I can email you if you want?

GregtheBiz 391

That works,

DarthJarJar66 13

One character that I would include is Rebel Engineer if you wanted to turn it into a standard deck. Another option is adding an Enfys Nest's Marauder and would allow you to add something like the Firespray-31, Ark Angel, or Slave I/ Slave I