Jabba/Krennic, Millk and Crookies

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Ardray 376

Millk and Crookies

AKA, the Ultimate Villain Control/Mill

Hey everyone, a few of you had requested that I posted my decklist after it's successful results in the past tournament at the Fantasy Flight Game Center tournament with 36 players. In 4 rounds we played it went 4-0. Below I wanted to talk about some of it's key cards, combinations, and why it's so efficient.


TLDR; Overview

The key goal of the deck is to mill your opponent's brains out. This is coupled with the supplies needed to contain our opponent's upgrades, and dice. No resources, no cards, no damage, GG.



By far, the most important card in the entire deck is Imperial Inspection. Not many people are prepared for it, and are pretty shocked when it gets used against them for the first time. It's ability to remove the opponent's upgrades dramatically reduces the damage they'll be able to deal to us, giving us the longevity we need to mill our opponent out. It's especially powerful when you remove their equipment, after they've rolled it in and before they can resolve them. Also if you have both copies on the board, you can activate them both off of a single disrupt result.

Other key players here are Fast Hands which usually gets played on Jabba - which is made better with his reroll ability. Fast hands works well with Blackmail since you can resolve the die before they can pay to remove it. Con Artist has great disrupt results which helps to proc Imperial Inspection, and mill the cards from their deck. New Orders has contributed to a lot of game wins, being able to ensure we get to continuously proc our Command Center - Lothal. Most people don't expect the battlefield to change, and are often caught off guard by this as well. Personal Shield and Dug in are critical for survival.

The other half of the deck includes fairly standard dice control cards - much needed to stay alive. Electroshock, One-Quarter Portion, and The Best Defense... are great to remove lots of damage from their dice. We usually have the battlefield, so He Doesn't Like You usually gets to remove Krennic's Death Trooper's die (Which we usually have no need for.)

My build of this deck does include a lot of 1 of's. I like to have a handful of different tech cards, and each one had pulled it's weight at some time or another, and I like to have those options. Another use for Krennic's death trooper die is Loose Ends. This is usually only used once we're in a stable position and not on the brink of death. Jabba having so many focus results is a great reason to have a copy of All In. Extra discard is nice to have with Probe and Friends in Low Places. This deck doesn't need much money, so Bait and Switch can give you an instant 2 Disrupt or Discard, for when the situation calls.



For the mulligan, we're looking for Imperial Inspection, Fast Hands, and New Orders. I will toss away anything that isn't these 3 cards. Great secondary options are Personal Shield and Con Artist for a first 2 cost upgrade. Both of these upgrades gain additional value over time, so having them in your opening hand is great.

Each round I have a loose set of goals, with varying levels of importance. Assuming I have the battlefield, I want to roll in Jabba with my first action. I'm able to reroll to ensure I get my 2 Disrupt, proc Imperial Inspection, and fast hands the 2 Disrupt to make sure you don't ever have any money. Keeping your opponent's resources low is a high priority. After that, we try to mill as many cards as we can, and mitigate any damage we need to with our dice control events. After we've milled some cards and are feeling safe, we claim our Command Center - Lothal. Sometimes our opponent will claim early if they're feeling scared of the mill - which means I will use my time to fully resolve all other dice to their highest value. I'm okay if they claim early, as it ensures I won't take any more damage that round and I can finish milling the rest of their hand instead.


Tournament Results

Round 1: Mon Mothma - Skilled Politician + Hired Gun x2

Round 2: [Elite]Rey - Force Prodigy + [Elite]Chewbacca - Loyal Friend

Round 3: [Elite]Rey - Force Prodigy + [Elite] Luminara Unduli - Inspiring Commander

Round 4: Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple + Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer + FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper

The last 3 matches played were all very close, and could have been lost if the opponent's rolls were a bit better. They all almost went to time (35 Minutes)



If you have any questions feel free to ask away!



TripleThr3at 21

"Fast hands works well with Blackmail since you can resolve the die before they can pay to remove it" - is that true? Thanks for the deck!

willfrye 196

I think Cunning would make a fine addition to your collection. It works very well with Con Artist. Commanding Presence would also be good to make Krennic a threat.

Ardray 376

@TripleThr3at Yes. I've confirmed this with the tournament judge (Opponent wasn't sure), and also with a developer of the game. You have the initiative after you've rolled your dice, to fire your triggers in the order of your choice. If you decide to fast hands another die instead, your opponent could then pay to remove the Blackmail die.

@willfrye I also thought about Cunning, but the only special result in the entire deck in Con Artist. It's a great effect to fire off, but I'm also worried about having too many Yellow Card Only upgrades since people tend to target Jabba first. Still worth trying as a 1 of to see how it feels. Commanding Presence is an interesting card. I hadn't thought about it because I don't own any copies, but it could definitely be worth testing out also. Thanks for the suggestions.

licasanova 94

The Blackmail ruling may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. AFTER ROLLING (Blackmail) happens before after activation (Fast Hands). Your opponent can give you a buck to boot the die before Fast Hands can trigger. Initiative shouldn't even come into play here.

If it doesn't, then their own rules mean nothing and the timing sequence just got convoluted. Also I am extremely disappointed they can't follow their own logic.

howdypertner 7

Except for the fact that the Blackmail/Fast Hands ruling is explicitly outlined in the most recent version of the Destiny Rules Reference (page 27 of the FAQ part):

"Can I roll in a Blackmail (D23) die and resolve it with Fast Hands (D150) before an opponent can give me a resource to remove it? • Yes. The abilities are simultaneous so you can choose to resolve either one in order of your choice."

licasanova 94

@howdypertner I get it, it just makes Fast Hands that much stronger.

howdypertner 7

@licasanova Oh completely, and I fully agree. Decks like this really push the interaction between Blackmail and Fast Hands while decreasing the interaction from your opponent. Not saying that's good or not good, it's just something new to navigate around (if possible) and figure out how to counter.

licasanova 94

Jabba with Fast Hands is a nightmare, as you're most likely getting shredded for 2 cards and/or resources per turn, immediately if he controls the BF.

The counter strategy that I can think of off the top for non-blue, non-Villain decks is to go low cost curve with events and upgrades. Poe Maz shines, as an example, as many games you'll win without even a single upgrade.

Blue Villain can tech in Boundless Ambition, which I have been doing in my FN/Anakin decks and also my Vaider Raider 2.0, to good success. But Jabba still gets what he wants because he is pulling cards from your deck at a much quicker pace.

It's good to see control get better, but truthfully, I don't want it to be that good because I enjoy actually PLAYING the game, haha.

Ardray 376

@licasanova The decks that have been giving me the most trouble so far, are those that can dish out lots of damage with just their character dice alone. I do my best to control your resources, and upgrades, and some of your dice - but I can't stop all of your dice all the time. Characters that can roll in and deal quick bursts of damage without many extra dice or events are harder for me to take down.

Difficult matchups currently are Elite Darth Vader - Sith Lord with another character, as well as Elite Palpatine - Galactic Emperor decks. Not impossible to win, but definitely challenging.

BigDaddyGoblyn 301

How often do you actually use those Interrogation Droids? I haven't used them at all and ended up taking them out for another Blackmail and another Bait and Switch

DornWyrmfang 1

What are your thoughts on Planned Explosion as another win condition while still milling your opponent?

gn0xious 13

Have you considered Ascension Gun? If you're running Command Center, it'd allow you to still ping Command Center when their battlefield is chosen. Also some added discard.

DreadFool 1

Jabba is my favourite character in the game and discard/mill a favourite strategy. I built Jabba + Krennic and played it yesterday. I avoided Con Artist because of 'yellow character only' (opponents will prioritise Jabba) and it's pretty slow. I also think you definitely can't afford to Con Artist and Cunning simultaneously unless you have more than one yellow character. Jabba Already wants Fast Hands, so that fills up his upgrade slots too. I played Command Center (with the intention of usually not picking it if I won the initiative roll) and Ascension Gun. I also went full into Loose Ends with Cheat recursion. I did find in one game that once Jabba was defeated, even though I had milled their deck, I had trouble finishing off their hand. I hadn't considered the Interrogation Droid, because it's awful, but it might be decent here. I also hadn't considered the Lying In Wait trick of emptying your hand and then stripping theirs. Otherwise I was happy with the first draft and will take some ideas from your deck in my next iteration.

AlreadyPicked 14

@DornWyrmfang Planned Explosion might be good but it needs a lot of dice or very good results on the dice themselves. This decks runs a minimal number of dice but with a high average so it might be possible. One of the best ways to remove dice is to remove characters! I can see it being played on Maz or Bala-Tik.


Planned Explosion is Hero only...

Fan of the deck, I run similar with minimal changes but enjoy it!